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WoE Update [Phase 1]


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It's time to get the gang back together and claim your castle! 


We are finally bringing back War of Emperium, and it's going to be different, but we hope you'll try it out and give us constructive feedback. This is just the first of a few versions of WoE that we'll be rolling out, and it's far from a finished product, but it's functional. Think of this as open Alpha testing. We can't wait to see how it will evolve as more features and fixes are added.


WoE Update: It's On

Have you ever wished for more opportunities to participate in WoE? Now you can WoE any time you want! The catch is that anyone else can WoE any time they want too... Welcome to Endless WoE.

Make a plan with your guildmates and allies to keep up a defense and hold on to your castle as long as possible, or see if you can capture all four before someone breaks your streak. Wait silently, keeping an eye on your rivals, or issue a challenge for them to come and try to take your castle. Your strategy and play style is up to you, but be prepared for anything! 

That's not all! Talk to the Guild Dungeon Warper (Prontera 170, 288) to access guild dungeons in regions with active castles. You still have to be in a guild to enter, but your guild doesn't need to own any castles.

Major Changes

  • WoE is on 24/7 (all day, every day)
  • No investments in Castle Economy, no treasure chests
  • Defense investments have no daily limit, and take effect immediately
  • Emperium takes one point of damage per hit
  • Safety wall and Pneuma have no effect on Emperium
  • Guild dungeons open to all guilds (GvG is still enabled)


Emperium Info

  • HP: 100 (increased by 1000 for each point of Castle Defense)
  • Plant mode
  • Boss mode
  • Race: Angel
  • Property: Holy
  • Immune to skills, except Sanctuary

Active Castles

  • Prontera 5 (Gondul)
  • Aldebaran 5 (Rothenburg)
  • Geffen 5 (Mersetzdeitz)
  • Payon 5 (Bamboo Hill Grove)


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You're right. This version of WoE is for testing. The change in mechanics means that players might want to rethink their builds and other strategies. That's why we wanted to make sure it is accessible to players at any time they feel like trying it. Later versions of WoE are probably not going to be on 24/7. We may or may not keep this version available when the other versions are done.

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