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  • JellyRO Service Fees

  • The services listed below are available on JellyRO for your convenience.

    We reserve the right to deny service for any reason.

    Services are available through the Support Ticket system, but most can also be requested in additional ways, and will have the corresponding currency listed if so.

    For more information on in-game service NPCs, see Gareth Morrowynd , Gwendolyn and the Kaho, Valk, & PCB traders. You can also @request services while in game to reach any online staff member.

    The Service Ticket amount (if applicable) and the Auro amount.

    image.png     image.png     image.png     image.png

    image.png     image.png     image.png     image.png

    image.png     image.png     image.png     image.png

    image.png     image.png

    Note about Name Changes & Character Transfers:

    • Character must not be in Guild or Party.

    Note about Gender Change:

    • All characters in the same account will be affected.
    • Gender is also changed on transfers.
    • Bards and Dancers cannot be transferred to a different gendered account.
    • Accounts containing Bards and Dancers cannot be gender changed.

    Note about Character Rollback:

    • Free if you changed by accident and are still Job Level 1.
    • Any items left in cart will be lost.
    • Rollback does not grant the ability to make another SQI weapon.
    • Please specify which previous class or we will assume Novice or High Novice.

    Note about Kaho, Valk, & PCB Changes

    • Applicable sprites for change do not include Event or Costume sprites.

    Note about Item Recovery

    UPDATE: As of May 13, 2015 the most we will charge for a recovery will be 100 Credits (10000 Auro) per ticket. Item recoveries done prior to this date will not be reimbursed recovery fees.

    Note about Item Search

    • Defined as when Support Staff has to search item logs for misplaced items and recovery is not needed.
    • Item search fees start as of February 1, 2016: All tickets to find lost items submitted before this date will be done for free.

    Note about Bound Item Transfers

    • PER Trade request. The moment you hit okay it's done.







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