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JRO.exe crashed [SOLVED]



Hi JellyRO admin.


Since the Flantastic Loyalty has been announced just a few hours ago, when I teleported my character (crusader) in Prontera south gate, the game instantly crashed. I also have another character (sniper) who also at the center map of Prontera which appears to be fine until I make its way to the south gate and then facing the game crashed same as the Crusader. I have reset the look based on the troubleshooting guide in the JellyRO but still doesn't resolve until I have to reset position back to the saved location, only then I can use back my character which crashed when teleport to Prontera.


I have run the patch client and it told me that the patch is updated. Is there a way to check which patch version in the JellyRO client installed in the PC? I still have the JellyRO september installer which was downloaded earlier.


Please do let me know if you required additional information for the game crashed.

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