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  1. A reminder that GMs will NEVER talk to you in game with a normal character. We all have GM uniforms. We also will NEVER ask you to go to Skype. Our chat medium is Discord, You can clearly see our official accounts in the JellyRO Discord with our names nice and colorful and under the @staff heading. GMs will also NEVER make chatrooms with normal characters to talk about official GM business. If you see someone talking in a chatroom, that isn't actually in that chatroom, report it immediately. It is a common thing that scammers do. Never give them your account information and report them immediately. If they are official staff they will be able to see @requests in game. If they cannot see that, they're not a GM. If this happens again in the future, anyone leading to the finding of this person will be rewarded. Take a screenshot(s) in game OR on Skype or wherever they lead you. Contact a known staff member on Discord, through forums, a post, or @request ASAP. If one doesn't answer quick enough try another medium and we'll get right on it. Also, please please please be a kind Jelly by helping us to remind/spread the news to your friends or other players regarding this.
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