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Gifts and Goodwill: Happy Holidays from JellyRO


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In the enchanting realm of Midgard, where magic thrives, JellyRO eagerly ushers in the spirit of Christmas. Amidst the frosty air and twinkling lights, our excitement bubbles like a cauldron of festive cheer. At JellyRO, this season isn't just a holiday; it's a magical celebration waiting to unfold. Join us in this merry adventure as we unveil our joyous Yuletide surprises!



Website Maintenance Notice

Before we get into the fun and wonderful events we have prepared for you, we have a special announcement. During December 10th, Sunday to December 12th, Tuesday the website will be undergoing maintenance. This will include the wiki, control panel, forums, and other aspects of our website. It shouldn't impact the game server, but you will not be able to make new accounts during this time. 


Grand prize

It's a tradition at this point to have a grand prize during the Christmas holiday. And as traditions go, we have added a hidden a bonus prize of a 12,000 Auro Pack one clever player can redeem. In 2022 it was hidden in the events themselves. For 2020-2021, we had 12 Days of Christmas, where a code had a chance to be announced in game, on the forums, in Discord, or various other places. Before that, we've even had forum puzzle games that held the codes hidden within. This year... well, I won't say where it's hidden. I will give just a small reminder that the secret code is broken into multiple hidden parts, and you will need all the parts in order to win the grand prize. Other bonus prizes may become available after the big one has been claimed.

To help though, the first number in each of the hidden parts of the secret code is its order within the secret code. So, for example, if the hidden part is 7FEK it would go in the 7th placement. All hidden parts contain only 3 characters: A number and two following characters. Because you are clever and l

earned to highlight, here is the first part of the hidden code, 1DJ.

You're a Mean One, Mr. Krampus



Krampus is back! Every so often you will get a message that he was spotted in Lutie. If you are near him you might distract him enough to drop some Christmas Presents. The more crowded he is the more presents he will drop! But be careful sometimes he will explode, killing everyone near him! If you are observant you can tell how many presents will be dropped. 


Krampus will wander around Lutie for about 8 minutes before he realizes his present stealing bag is near empty and will have to restock.  But don't worry he will be back roughly at the start of each hour



Red Stockings for Mierna



Being in Lutie, the Christmas town of Midgard, has its own stress and troubles. Mierna is certain that someone has stolen all of her Red Stockings. If you can bring her two, she will give you a Christmas Present that you can exchange to Gifu. She is in Luite (xmas_in 90,93)


But we here at JellyRO Headquarters know who the culprit is. Antonio is back to his old tricks now that Krampus stopped stealing his form. Using his many powers of time manipulation, he can be found in several locations. Mainly in Prontera, Geffen, and Payon Fields.




Gifu, the Event Reward Giver



Gifu is a little Myst Case who loves getting presents. They are willing to give you some pretty cool rewards if you can collect enough of them. They are located in IsFörsvar (far_in01 13/26) , and can even give you some information on where to get more. In fact, Gifu is pretty sure they saw some floating in the waters in IsFörsvar, but they are scared of the water, perhaps you could fish them out. Chow Fan in Hugel will also exchange 1 GM Jellybean for 10 Christmas Presents.  



Put a Bow On It

You will be able to wrap any items in a present and give it someone. To do so you just need to get your hands on both Wrapping Paper and Wrapping Lace. Clicking on one of them will open a shop menu. (This isn't a real shop, just how the client renders it.)  Place a single item in the window and click sell. 

Wrapping_Gift-1.png 1 item type per sell window.
Wrapping_Gift-1.png No account bound items.
Wrapping_Gift-1.png You can wrap items in stacks.
Wrapping_Gift-1.png You can wrap refined items.
Wrapping_Gift-1.png You CANNOT wrap things that have cards or special data. 
Wrapping_Gift-1.png You CANNOT wrap anything that is broken.
Wrapping_Gift-1.png You CANNOT wrap anything that is not identified. 
Wrapping_Gift-1.png You CANNOT wrap other wrapped presents.

This gift can be traded and mailed to your friends. They cannot be vended however, and it should be noted that you shouldn't be trading these gifts for Zeny or other items, with the promise of  "There is something really cool in there I swear!" Treat them like you would a real Christmas gift. Generally, you wouldn't go to your Christmas Tree, see a bunch of presents, and before you can open them, your grandmother is like, "That will be 200 dollars..."


The Wrapping Paper and Wrapping Lace can be found by slaying Christmas Orc and Christmas Goblin in an IsFörsvar Cave.



The Gift of Giving Event



Located in Prontera you will meet Snower. This young lad is looking for help from those who are charitable and willing to give and deliver presents to his sisters Snoowy and  Sneewy. They will want gifts that are wrapped. You can wrap them yourself or you can have Snower do it for 100 zeny each. Be warned that he will not stack them very well and will put single items in a box. For example, if you had 50 red potions, he would charge you 5000 Zeny and give you 50 Wrapped Presents. When opened, each are a single red potion. This event has no reward, so it should only be pursued by those that are charitable.


Snoowy is located on Byalan Island (Izlu2dun 59,77) 

Sneewy is located in Louyang (louyang 224,249)



A Very Kafra Christmas



Some of you may remember the Kafra Christmas quest rom last year. Here is a refresher for those that don't remember or are new. You must first talk to Kafra Christie in the middle of Prontera.


She has two ways for players to earn Special Reserve Points, which can be redeemed at the Kafra Headquarters in the northwest corner of Aldebaran for Kafra themed rewards as well as some cute holiday hats! The quick way is to simply donate Zeny. The fun way, which may lead you to the bonus prize, involves collecting donations from Citizen NPCs located around Prontera, Alberta, Izlude and Geffen.


Try to find all the Citizens and collect as many donations from them as you can before returning to Kafra Christie with your haul of Small, Medium and Large donation boxes, which will net you varying amounts of Special Reserve Points upon delivery. When you are making your rounds as a temporary Kafra employee, be sure to use your best customer service skills and listen carefully to what the Citizens have to say. Every day you can go around and try collecting more donations from them.


So as you can see, there is lots of Christmas cheer to be had!

All that is left is for everyone to go and make merriment in the land of Midgard. 


Event ends on Tuesday, Jan 2, 2024!


Monthly Updates


Featured Auro Shop Costumes




Featured Jellybean Rewards



Additional Notes

  • Auro Shop and Jellybean exchanger have been updated.
  • Jellyblob was updated to reflect change in Auro Shop costumes.
  • Reduced fame points by 10% for all characters on accounts inactive for 90 days.
  • Gifu gifts have been updated.
  • Prontera has been updated to Christmas.
  • Snow has been enabled on several maps.
  • Prontera music has been updated for Christmas.
  • Secret code has been updated. 
  • Fishing has been updated to also reward Christmas Presents.
  • Snower, Snoowy, Sneewy have been updated to not give items.
  • All Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow Xmas Boxes on player accounts have been changed to the new Special Xmas Box.
  • Wrapping and opening presents for the Christmas Rings quest has been modified to allow larger loops.
  • Stockings have been updated to hopefully do math to figure out how many you can hand in, rather than just doing a loop.
  • The Citizen in Geffen was now named Johnathan, his family is very proud.
  • Wrapping Paper and Lace now work if you only have 1 of each in your inventory.


Don't forget to patch!
How are we doing? Give us feedback!
If something isn't working correctly, please submit a bug report.


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