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May has arrived at JellyRO, bringing exciting updates! Our new guild instance is now open and ready for you to conquer, We've also made some important bug fixes to improve your gameplay experience. In addition, we're pleased to announce that we now have a platform for players to contribute toward the server's upkeep and development. Read on to learn more and show your support for JellyRO!


Next maintenance is on June 5, 2023!


Server Event: Beta test

Okolnir Instance


Attention all warriors and guilds! A new instance has been unlocked in the mystical realm of Okolnir! Face the challenge of the Wish Maiden, a powerful Valkyrie who will test your skills and determination in two trials, Asprika and Brynhild. Traverse through perilous paths and battle fierce guardians to reach the end and prove your worth. But beware, the Wish Maiden trials are not to be underestimated. Complete the trials within the hour, or face the destruction of Okolnir. And remember, only one item may be forged, so make sure you choose wisely! Will you be the ones to emerge victorious and obtain the ultimate reward? If so Head to aru_gld 188/345 or sch_gld 320/92 and talk to the Guide.


That said it is one of the harder things for our staff to test, we can have bypasses to make sure inner mechanics can go from beginning to end. We also know that mechanically it works since this is something we had in the past when we had the 2.0 castles enabled. So how is this a beta test?


It's a beta test in part because this will be open to multiple guilds instead of  one guild that owns the castle with the correct eco score. 

We'll list what is working as intended, and if something doesn't follow what is listed, it's a bug. We would very much appreciate it if our players report when something is not working. Who knows maybe we'll have more of these as events  in the future if this all works out well. 


Working as intended:   This includes but not limited to the following.

  • Guilds that can enter require guild level 10, and 10 guild members online. 
  • Only the Guild Master can start the 'instance'.
  • Only 1 guild can enter at a time.
  • Once in, the guild will have 15 minutes to set up and gather their guildmates. If they fail to do so, the entire guild is removed from the starting room, and a different guild can register.
  • In the Starting Room the Guild Master must choose which gear they are going to construct. 
  • The Maze has a chance of being locked out of a ring. (This will most likely be altered.)
  • To progress in the maze you need to kill all the clones. 
  • The Crystal Keys are tradeable. 
  • Going through the portal will take all your keys.
  • Piamette battle is confusing as is and I plan on modifying it later. This section does require all the cages to be filled. 
  • The battle before the final boss, has waves. It's timed by how many monsters are left. This is planned to be changed in future.
  • At the end only the Guild Master can make the selected gear, and only one. 
  • During a GM event everyone who has the ingredients can make whichever gear was selected.
  • The 'instance' will have a 3 hour cool down, for the server. 
  • To begin the instance, the Guild Leader speaks to the Guide located at aru_gld 188,345 or sch_gld 320,92.


Added in Post


So next to the Zeny to Auro vending machine, is an npc named David, he is to exchange 5 specials ingredients for this instance, that you would normally get from chest drops in the castle, for a new box. 


We were suppose to have the boxes for 500 auro in the auro shop, but we cannot refresh the auro shop until next maintenance. So David will sell you the boxes for 500 auro.  I shouldn't have to state this but in the past a lot of players will state something like, "I didn't know." So to be clear exploiting this npc is a ban able offense. 



Want to help the server with cash

Player: Can I make a donation in the server?
Kathis: nope
Player: Ok even if theres nothing in exchange?
Kathis : May I inquire on the why?
Player: Because i love the server and im still on it?

*Player's name has been changed to protect their identity.


I've had several conversations like this over the past year. Talking to staff we decided that it would be nice to have a bit of ease on the server bills, though we have to make this super clear. YOU WILL NOT GET ANY CREDITS OR AURO OR ITEMS if you gift us cash. So with that in mind I have made a buymecoffee account. 

Even put the server bills as a goal on there. You are not obligated to gift us anything. But some of you are very persistent about this option. 


The money will be used to pay the server bills. If you cannot use it due to your country origin, don't worry. Again, NO ITEM OR CREDITS OR AURO will be rewarded in exchanged. Maybe if the goal is met, we can do something awesome for the server as a whole, like bring bob back for a week, or double jellybeans during events, increase drop / exp rate to x12 x12 x6 for a month. Who knows!! But it must be something that benefits everyone, besides, you know, keeping the lights on.


A Note from Kathis


Autotraders are still not loading in correctly upon a server reboot. We have theories on why this is, but nothing concrete at this time. 

Staff, including myself, have been having some lemons thrown at our lives, and are juggling what time we can to focus on JellyRO. Hopefully the maelstrom clears up soon. I will not be around from May 14th, possibly into June. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 


Monthly Updates



Additional Notes

  • Auro Shop and Jellybean exchanger have been updated.
  • Jellyblob was updated to reflect change in Auro Shop costumes.
  • Reduced fame points by 10% for all characters on accounts inactive for 90 days.
  • Stormy Knight will no longer Spawn Garm.
  • Scatleton Cute Pet is no longer offered as a reward for Horror Toy Factory.
  • Crystal Keys can be traded. 
  • All Crystal Keys have been removed from inventories.
  • All Portable Cage for Scatleton pet have been removed from inventories.
  • Fixed some item descriptions.


Don't forget to patch!
How are we doing? Give us feedback!
If something isn't working correctly, please submit a bug report.

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