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[Community] Lutie Tour guide


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                    JellyRO is looking for a Tour on Lutie
                   REWARD : Various Amounts of Auro32744.png
This guide should have a list of all the quests, spots of interest in Lutie. Generally we would want this to be a Community project so Lutie can be added to the wiki. See Geffen, Prontera, Lighthalzen for an idea of what we are looking for. 

Story: Any lore that can is tied to this town.  (250 auro)
Trade: A list of shops. (15 auro per item)
Quests: List of quests there [Just a list.]  (50 auro per)
Fields: A list of their fields, bonus if you make them connected
(image of field 50 auro, name of field 50 auro)
Dungeons: A list of their dungeons and instances. (50 auro per)
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