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Recruiting JellyRO Staff


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A Few Good Jellies


We are not always hiring, but you are welcome to apply and we may contact you when a position opens up.


The duties of a staff member will vary according to position, but general responsibilities will still mostly likely include:

  • Socializing and Moderation in-game and on forums.
  • Basic player Troubleshooting and Gameplay Assistance.
  • Assistance and/or creation of in-game and/or forum Events and other Staff Projects.
  • Basic to intermediate knowledge of JellyRO and its customs and/or a willingness to search our Wiki and forums for answers.


More specifically, we're currently looking to fill some, if not all, of the following positions:



Testing everything from bug reports to new content. Must be willing to learn and have an eagerness to take on new responsibilities. 


Player Relations    

Assist players in game, forums, and Discord. Direct players toward support tickets or bug reports as necessary. Occasionally assist Event GMs with hosting events.


Event GM    

Host in-game events for players that are organized, consistent, and most importantly, fun! Come up with ideas for new events, subject to approval.


Support GM    

Provide support for players via support tickets and Facebook as well as in game, forums, and Discord.



Scripting NPCs, converting old scripts to current standards, custom items/monsters, instances, etc. Should at least have basic scripting knowledge with a willingness to improve. Time management is crucial as you will often have more than one project and tight deadlines.



Implementing new content, troubleshooting, bug squashing, patching, and other technical wizardry as needed. Scripting ability is mandatory for this position. Familiarity with SQL is helpful. Time management is crucial as you will often have more than one project and tight deadlines.



Please consider the following before you apply.


We're looking for applicants who possess qualities such as:

  • Loyalty and dedication to the server and, collectively, its players.
  • Discretion in handling confidential matters and respect for privacy.
  • An average understanding of game mechanics.
  • Full fluency in English. Bonus if multilingual, but not required.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and efficiently.
  • Common sense and problem-solving ability.
  • Ability to take constructive criticism and grow from it.
  • Ability to remain unbiased, especially in the face of hostility, and follow and enforce rules regardless of personal opinion.
  • Ample patience, honesty, humility, and maturity.


Please especially consider how long you will be able to devote time to the server.  Real life is important, but if you have a highly erratic schedule or know major changes will be happening soon in your life, please consider applying at another time.


If you feel you have the qualities we are looking for and are interested in any of our available positions, please fill out our application form here:




If you do not have all the qualifications for a position, but are willing to learn, I still encourage you to apply. You may not necessarily be offered the position you requested in the application. That field just tells me what you're aiming for. Just as you start as a novice in game, and job change once you have the skills you need, you will start at the bottom and rise through the ranks in the JellyRO staff.


Only those selected for an interview will be contacted. I (Kathis#4122) will contact people via Discord, so please have an account made before you apply.


Good luck to all those who decide to apply!


***This topic is locked. If you have any questions please PM Finnian.***

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