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Has my old forum account been deleted?

Cant log into old account


I have been unable to log into my old forum account for over a month now, i finally made this new one jsut so that i can ask questions about it.

I had asked ingame weeks ago about it and was told to use my display name, my display name has always been the same as the name i use to log in though.

Name: Friendly Yan

Forum ID: 737

Also, when i try "forgot password?" it says that my email is not registered at all.

So basically it doesnt think that I exist.

I'm going to finally re download the full client with this new forum account as ive been unable to really do anything at all since something was apparently changed requiring a full reinstall.

-which required a working forum account.

I registered this account with my old email, i hope that hasnt overlapped my old account in some way.

P.S. I AM able to check my ingame accounts using the websites new interface, so i know theyre ok. Only my forum account seems to be gone.

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I have no information on what was pm'ed or what was said between "Cant log into old account" and Flan and Halcyon.


Being from 2015, JellyRO was moving from their old forum, which was an SMS engine, to the Invision Community Engine. 

They had transferred all the accounts over. Though the threads and posts didn't transfer, the post counts did, since that was saved on on the user's information.

But as we can see above, there were some issues. It is possible that the email address they had used, couldn't be sent to, for what ever reason. A typo in the email, the system simply couldn't send, or the email address didn't transfer probably.  


The original poster believed that redownloading the client would assist in this issue, that wouldn't be the case. The website side, and the game server are on separate machines, and as a result work independently. The client has no control over the website, and vis versa. The user name you use on the forum, and the username you use in game, are not co-dependant. As for the Control panel, (main website) that part of our site is connected to the game server's database, which is why it works there. 


Hopefully this clears up some confusion.


If you are an old player from before 2015, and had a forum account, and you cannot seem to access your old forum account, let us know.  Our rule of only 1 forum account still is in effect, and if you ended up making two, because you were unaware of this, we'll merge the accounts together. Just let us know.

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