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Bomb Poring



Event details



Come to Prontera 10 minutes after WOE to join Bomb Porings, host by @GM Dulcet.



How To Play & Rules:


The rules are simple! Just don't die!

There will be 10 rounds. For every round you survive you get a point. Person with the most points wins first, second most gets second, third most third and everyone else collects a consolation prize for letting me blow you to kingdom come.


ABSOLUTELY, there is NO:



Sigfriend tokens


Use of these will forfeit your point for that round. Continued use will remove you from the game.



Rewards :

First prize: 1045.gif Marc Egg

Second prize: Costume Rainbow

Third prize: Cat Ear Beret

All participants recieve: Dulcet Gold Doubloon


Be aware, it is on an exp loss map. I take no responsibility for exp lost due to deaths.

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