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Death by Dice



Event details

http://blankdice.co.uk/images/products/skulldice_black_spot.jpgDeath By Dice http://blankdice.co.uk/images/products/skulldice_black_spot.jpg


Come to Splendide 30 minutes after WOE to join Death by Dice, host by @GM Dulcet.

(warp will be provided for those who cannot get there)



How To Play & Rules:

The rules are simple! Just don't die!

There will be 3 rounds. All players will sit in a line.

A number will be rolled at the beginning of each round. This number will be the death number of that round.

The GM will stand in front of each player one at a time and /dice if the number is the same as the death number the player dies.

Rounds go until only 1 person is left standing.



ABSOLUTELY, there is NO:

Dual clienting



Rewards :

Choice of: 19661_1.png Costume Sweet Bonnet, 18602.png Watermelon bite, 18592.png  Nestea Hat

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