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Bomb Poring: Winner gets Super Saiyan hair


Event details

[Insert amazing banner that Photobucket totally didn't ruin for everyone]


Date : August 12th, Saturday
Time : 9.30 PM server time (Use @time ingame)
Gathering spot : Prontera town
Requirements : Any class/level. Exp loss map, be aware.
Remark : No late comers. 


How To Play & Rules:
Simple! Just don't die!
There will be 10 rounds. For every round you survive you get a point. Person with the most points wins first, second most gets second, third most third and everyone else collects a consolation prize for letting me explode you to pieces.
Sigfriend tokens
Use of these will forfeit your point for that round. Continued use will remove you from the game.


Winner will get: 18740.png?nocache=1233673639 Strongman

Other prizes TBD

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