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Public Mischief

Public Mischief is defined as any action that disturbs or interferes with the community at large. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Chat and skill spam.
  • Malicious interference with an event.
  • Any activity relating to looting or kill stealing (except on pay_dun00, gl_prison, orcsdun01, and anthell01; as well as MVP that are not mini bosses).
  • Any activity with the intention to MPK (Monster Player Kill: Using monsters to kill a character).
  • Any activity related to spawning monsters in towns, the first level of dungeons, or special maps used in quests.
  • Any activity related to warping a player without permission.
  • Setting up a Vending/Buying Shop or a Chat Room in the streets of Prontera and Alberta.
    • "Streets" are generally defined by tiles of a different color/pattern and a clear edge separating them from "sidewalks".
  • Blocking any NPC with a Vending/Buying Shop or a Chat Room.
    • This can occur when you are less than 4 spaces away from the NPC.
  • Setting up a Vending/Buying Shop or a Chat Room with an inappropriate message on the sign.
    • Inappropriate topics for player-made signs include, but are not limited to: politics, religion, and sex. 
    • The offending character will be disconnected from the server to remove the sign.
    • This offense earns a 24 Hour Mute for the offending character. On a player's third offense and beyond, they will receive a temporary ban on one or more accounts as deemed necessary.


First Offense:    12 OR 24 Hour Mute
Second Offense:       24 Hour Mute
Third Offense:    1 Week Account Ban OR
24 Hour Multi-Account/IP Ban

Dependent on the severity of the offense, and at staff discretion, the punishment may be heavier.

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