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Do not threaten, embarrass, cause distress, or give unwanted attention to others. Any repeated aggravating or disturbing behavior toward a player or staff member can be considered harassment. This also covers behavior that falls outside of our rules about Abusive/Offensive Content.


Invasion of privacy is also harassment.

  • Do not start rumors or publicly make assumptions about a player or staff member's identity, whether that identity is another online persona or a real life name.
  • Do not share any personally identifiable information or real life photos/videos of other players or staff members.
  • In any case, it is reportable and punishable whether or not the identities/info/images are accurately attributed.


Please screenshot and report any invasion of privacy immediately. There is no need to engage the offender in any way.


Otherwise, if you are being harassed or if you witness harassment, please take the following steps and document each step with a screenshot:

  1. Clearly tell the offender(s) to stop, and do not respond to any harassing remarks.
  2. If the offender(s) keep harassing you and/or another player after you stop responding, give the offender(s) one last warning to stop, and clearly state that you feel harassed. (Examples: "Stop harassing me.",  "Stop. This is harassment.", "Stop it. You are making me uncomfortable.", etc.)
  3. If the harassment still continues, stop all communication with the offender(s), and submit a report including your screenshots via support ticket. If there is not sufficient evidence of harassment, no punishment will be issued to the offender(s), but they may receive a warning.


You may wish to block messages from the offender(s) and/or avoid the offender(s), but this is no longer required for the report. We realize there are situations where blocking a player may not be an ideal solution, and it is not fair to require a victim or witness of harassment to leave a place they have the right to be.


In cases where you do not reach the third step within a week of initiating the first step, the step escalation resets, but if you had to take the first or second steps 3 weeks in a row or during any 5 non-consecutive weeks, you may still report the incidents, and we will use our judgement based on the situation.


Punishments for each offense may vary depending on the nature and severity of the harassment. 


First Offense:    24 Hour Mute
Second Offense:       3 Week Account Ban
Final Offense:    Permanent Account Ban


At our discretion, revealing or making an assumption about a player/staff identity may result in a permanent ban on all accounts associated with the offender's IP address.

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