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The following actions are considered fraudulent and may be subject to extreme repercussions for first time offenses:

  • Impersonating and/or pretending affiliation to another player or staff member.
  • Attempting to obtain an individual's personal/financial information and/or virtual goods without the individual's consent or by or tricking the individual into giving the information and/or virtual goods.
  • Bypassing IP restrictions for instances, activities, or bans.
  • Attempting to deceive staff with false information.

    A single violation will result in a permanent ban on one or more accounts depending on the severity of the offense.



    The following fraudulent actions are not subject to multi-account bans:

    • Deceptively vending items that are similar/identical and falsely advertising.
    First Offense:    24 Hour Mute
    Second Offense:       3 Week Account Ban
    Final Offense:    Permanent Account Ban

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