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All applicable rules are enforced on Discord. Please also observe the following:

  • Use the #support channel for GM assistance.
  • Use the #Event channel to advertise your own server wide events.
  • Do not direct message any JellyRO staff members unless directed to by another staff member.
  • Do not tag @staff group unless there is an urgent issue regarding the server.
  • Use Push-to-Talk in voice channels.
  • Users with disruptive microphone problems may be muted if they do not fix the issue.
  • Excessively lengthy personal or off-topic conversations should be kept in a voice channel that no one else is using or direct messages to avoid causing too much disruption.


First Offense:    Warning
Second Offense:       Disconnect
Third Offense:    1 Week Ban
Final Offense:    Permanent Ban


Due to the closed environment of Discord, a single violation may result in permanent ban from the JellyRO Discord server.

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