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While all applicable rules are enforced in all in-game channels and chats, the following rules have their own set of punishments:

  • #main channel is reserved for general conversation and questions, offering free goods and services, advertising upcoming events (such as dungeon/instance runs), and party/guild recruitment.
  • #trade channel is reserved ONLY for buying, selling, and trading goods and services related to JellyRO.
  • English is the only language permissible for both #main and #trade.
  • Use the @request command with discretion. This is a direct line to any staff members in-game and/or logged into Discord. Please state your request in your initial message. "Any GM on?" or "Hello?" do not help us serve you efficiently. Any @requests that do not contain a legitimate request will be considered abuse of the system.


First Offense:    Warning
Second Offense:       12 Hour Mute
Third Offense:    24 Hour Mute
Final Offense:    Account Ban

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