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Bombo Poringo! (Summer Edition)



Event details



Bombo Poringo is back with a little more cooler rewards! But wait, what is Bombo Poringo? It is an open event for all class and levels. Click, move, evade and survive. That's all you got to do.



How to play?

 MDEFmFW.gif All participants will be taken to a not-so-secret place MDEFmFW.gif

MDEFmFW.gif All participants must be wearing Summer Suit 12260_zpsmcp5xbn8.gif MDEFmFW.gif

MDEFmFW.gif Then, lots of lots of Bomb Poring 1xWH3kq.gif1xWH3kq.gif1xWH3kq.gifwill be summon. MDEFmFW.gif


MDEFmFW.gif 1 point for surviving each wave.  There will be 15 rounds. Player with highest point will win. MDEFmFW.gif

MDEFmFW.gif Surviving the explosion by using Kaizel or Token of Siegfried or any cheat way does not count. MDEFmFW.gif

MDEFmFW.gif I reserve the right to disqualify anyone who break the rules. MDEFmFW.gif





First winner :  783940e3-1433-4002-9745-eb511fab052a_zps Jejeling Pet x1, 18885_zps1xj9a1h2.png Jejecap x1

Second winner : 18885_zps1xj9a1h2.png Jejecap x1, 18885_zps1xj9a1h2.png Jejeling Cap (Temporary Transform into Jejeling) x1

Consolation Prize :  18885_zps1xj9a1h2.png Jejecap x1, 9znnZKc.gif Old Purple Box x1



Jejecap - A colorful headgear for JeJemon. 
          INT +3, STR +2. 
          Increase resistance against demon and undead type monsters by 5%. 
          Increases the healing of Mastela Fruit by 5%.

Jejeling Pet - Dex +1.

Jejeling Cap - A mysterious cap from Jejeling. Disguises the player as a Jejeling for 30 minutes.


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