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Beach Volleyball Match [2 VS 2]



Event details


How to play

  1. A match between 2 players versus 2 players.
  2. Beach volleyball court located in Beacon Island.
  3. Find your own teammate.
  4. Each team will be against each other for 1 match (5 rounds).
  5. Any team that wins 1 match will be rewarded 1 point.


Rules :

  1. Dual client aren't allowed.
  2. Make sure your partner be there, or your team will be disqualify.
  3. Play fair! If you are found to be breaking the rules, you will be punish accordingly.


Rewards :


First Prize : 18727.png Sedora Disguising Hat x1, 7729.png  Skylar Gold Star x1

Second Prize :  89g3x5n.png Costume Happy Summer Wig x1, 7729.png Skylar Gold Star x1

Consolation Prize : 12682.png Nestea Hat x1, 12695.png  Old Card Album x1



Remark : The first and second prize winners will be against another team(s) from @GM Dulcet's side in the future.

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