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Endless Tower/Cellar: Spooky Scary Skeletons Edition


Event details

Hosted by: Finnian ?

- Gathering place: Payon

- Maximum time: 4 hours (Tower usually takes 2 or less, Cellar takes longer)


This was the soonest I was able to schedule an event, but the seasonal Halloween event will still be active, so let the spookiness continue! I didn't want to miss the opportunity to share my spooky season tradition of adding a few "surprises" on your way through the dungeon! You may find some spooky scary skeletons that don't just want to socialize...


By default, the event will be Endless Tower. If at least 12 players show up, and at least 8 of them are level 95+ then I will give the party the option to vote for whether we will attempt the Tower or Cellar. Due to the increased difficulty and time involved for Cellar, there will be fewer surprise spawns.


Endless Tower is an instance dungeon that challenges players to clear 100 floors full of monsters, increasing in difficulty, with boss monsters on every 5th floor. If the party reaches the top, they must first defeat Entweihen Crothen, and only then can they enter the lair of the demon lord Naght Sieger. Check out our Endless Tower wiki article for more details.


Endless Cellar is a similar in concept to Endless Tower, but with different monsters and increased difficulty. If the party makes it to the end of this nightmare of a dungeon leading them deep underground, they will arrive at the 100th floor where they must endure a series of trials before facing the fearsome final boss. Check the Endless Cellar wiki article for more details.


 Finnian and his assistant(s) will provide a few helpful buffs to aid the brave adventurers in their race to the top/bottom. Party wipe? No problem. Finnian can revive the party. However, for every 2 revives the the prize category will drop (more on this later). If the party clears the Endless Tower quickly and certain qualifications are met, which will be discussed before the event starts, they may contend for the JellyRO Endless Tower World Record! The current record for ET is: 1 hour 5 minutes 36 seconds 71 milliseconds. A party that manages to break the record has a chance to win a bonus Super prize.

[For Endless Cellar, the prize category will drop every 4 party revives. The current record for EC is: 1 hours 53 minutes 48 seconds 61 milliseconds.]



Every 25th floor reached earns the party a reward from the next highest prize category, and these prizes are cumulative. Floor 25 is a Small prize, floor 50 is a Medium prize, floor 75 is Large, and technically the next reward would be at floor 100, but in order to obtain the Super prize the party must defeat the final boss after that floor. The party will also earn a Jellybean for each hour (rounded up), and 1 Auro per floor passed, up to 100. Even if you dropped one prize category for revives, beating the record will still earn you a Super prize. You can learn more about prize categories here.

[For my Endless Cellar event, the prizes are doubled, and still cumulative! That means, you get twice as many Small prize items for passing floor 25, twice as many Medium prize items for passing floor 50, twice as many Large prize items for passing floor 75, and two different Super prizes for defeating the final boss on floor 100. Beat the record using less than 4 revives and you could end up with three Super prizes!]


The event will start promptly at 8pm CDT (UTC-5). Get your gear and supplies ready ahead of time. Depending on what character classes/jobs show up, it may not be ideal to bring your main, so if you have a viable alt, make sure they can be ready in a couple minutes. Once the event starts you won't be allowed to swap your characters, and each player can only bring one character, so choose wisely! Even if you normally wouldn't attempt Endless Tower, but your character is at least level 69 (party exp share range is +/- 30), you are welcome to tag along as long as there are at least 4 characters over level 90 in the party.

[For Endless Cellar, I require at least 8 characters over level 95, preferably transcended and well-geared. After that requirement is met, anyone else is may tag along (level 69+) but I strongly encourage bringing characters that will realistically be able to assist in fighting. If your character had an active role in a party that beat Endless Tower, they may be ready to try Cellar. This is not required, but Cellar is extremely difficult and inexperienced players may have a bad time.]


It can be helpful to coordinate with other players. Hop on JellyRO Discord (invite link) and let people know in the #events channel which class you plan to bring.


P.S. While you're in Payon, be sure to talk to the Collector! If you haven't checked out the Secrets of the Lost Manor quest yet, there's still time to try it this weekend! However, don't run off into the forest just yet... wait until after we finish the ET run. We don't want to lose any party members before we start! 

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