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JellyRO Battleground Match



Event details


How to participate?

  • Login a few minutes earlier before the event time to prepare yourself.
  • Gather at Maroll Battle Recruiter NPC (coordinate prontera 123, 83)
  • Find your team! Each team must have 6 members. 2 teams consist of 12 members in total.


General Rules

  • Keep it classy. No trash talk before/during/after the Battleground event. Anyone who fail to do so, will face a consequences.
  • No staff members shall be in ANY team. The GM will only host it and watch the match. If you caught/find any staff members that is interfering your (players) match, do not hesitate to report it to me.
  • Found a bug? Please report it to me ASAP or post it in the Bug Tracker.



  • Winning team :
                        p59fflB.png  Black Feather Beret [1]
A noble High quality hat made of luxury black cloth. White feather make it more gorgeous. 
reduce damage from human type monster 10%. 
VIT + 2, MDEF + 3. 
Class : Headgear 
Location: Upper 
Defense: 5
Weight :  20
Required Level :  40
Jobs: All



  • Losing team :
                        QFW3QS0.png  Palace Guard Cap [1]
A hat worn by a select group of guards who will fight fearlessly in a hail of bullets. 
+5% resistance against Neutral attacks. 
+5% resistance against Ranged attacks. 
Additional Neutral Resistance +1% per upgrade level at +6 and above. 
Additional Ranged Resistance +1% per upgrade level at +6 and above. 
Class : HeadGear 
Defense : 3 
Location : Upper 
Weight : 100 
Required Level : 50 
Job : All


Notes :

  • It would be nice if you could record using Replay feature (Guide  or Wiki Guide ) during the match and send it to me by PM in forums or Discord. We will make a video of that!
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