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Endless Cellar: 2021 Edition


Event details

Hosted by: Finnian ?

- Gathering place: Lighthalzen

- Minimum players to run: 4

- Maximum time: 4 hours (but it usually takes less)


Endless Cellar is an instance dungeon that challenges players to defeat 100 floors full of monsters, increasing in difficulty, with boss monsters on every 5th floor and a custom final boss on the 100th floor. You survived 2020, so this will be a piece of cake!


Finnian and his assistant will provide a few helpful buffs to aid the brave adventurers in their race to the bottom. Party wipe? No problem. Finnian can revive the party so you won't have to use your Ashes or waste time walking back. However, for every 5 revives the the prize category will drop (Large, Medium, Small). If the party clears the Endless Cellar quickly and certain qualifications are met, which will be discussed before the event starts, they may contend for the JellyRO Endless Cellar World Record! The current record is: 1 hours 53 minutes 48 seconds. A party that manages to break the record will receive prizes from one category higher. For instance, if they normally would have earned a Large prize, they can unlock the Super prize category.


The event will start promptly at 2pm Server Time (UTC-6). Get your gear and supplies ready ahead of time. Depending on what classes show up, it may not be ideal to bring your main, so if you have a viable alt, make sure they can be ready in a couple minutes. Once the event starts you won't be allowed to swap your characters, and each player can only bring one character, so choose wisely!


Don't forget to coordinate with the other jellybeans!


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