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Shroom Rush


Event details




Date : June 20th, Tuesday
Time : 9.00 AM server time (Use @time ingame)
Gathering spot : Prontera Town
Requirements : All class are welcome.
Remark : No late comers.


How To Play/Join & Rules:
Willing to die. Mandatory.
Teamwork is a must.

A game of combination between bomb poring and mushrooms.

All mushrooms must be cleared by meele skill, and at the same time survive the round from being exploded.

A total of 10 rounds, each round the mushroom spawn will increase.

Dead man stay dead, the living party member must carry  the team to win the round.

Will proceed to the next round if all mushrooms is cleared. Game over if everyone dies.




The game might take awhile to complete. Make sure you aren't in rush if you're participating!

Ask around and take suggestions from other players who had gone to the 1st Shroom Rush event. They might give you some useful tips.

Don't forget to cheer your party members that's still alive (if you are dead). The higher the level, the better reward all participants will get.

The game can be intense, tiring and gives you adrenaline rush. Refrain from badmouthing/cursing to your other party members if they suck.

Teamwork! The most important thing in the game is teamwork.

Still have no idea how to play? Check out this video. Credit to Marsh Vi Britannia!



Use token of siegfried

Use Kaizel skill
Bother me about support ticket
Refuse to be my couch

 If I found anyone breaking the rule or not cooperating with other team member, I will turn you into a tentacle and kick you out from the game.

Hosted by @GM Skylar

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