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WoE Castle Rotation


Event details


JUNE 29, 2017


Old - Aldebaran 4 & Rachel 2*
New - Prontera 2 & Yuno 3*

*WoE 2.0 castles will rotate between castles that drop Brynhild ingredients and Asprika ingredients.


Old - Geffen 5

New - Payon 5



Old - Gloria 4

New - Kafragarden 5

The next change will occur October 6, 2017. Castle rotations will be posted well in advance so guilds may prepare for the upcoming offense and defense for the castle changes.


Castle treasures and economy points WILL NOT transfer over to the new castles. Please be sure to collect all treasures before June 29th. Invest in castle economy at your own risk. There WILL NOT be compensation for lost treasure or iffy investing. You have been warned.

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