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Match Me!


Event details

This event begins 07/26/15 and repeats every 3 weeks until 10/04/15

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Rules and Instructions

  • When announced in game, four cropped screenshots will be posted in the FIRST post and page of the thread.  As the player, your objective is to find the EXACT coordinates and the map in one of the cropped pictures.
  • The rounds will be up for 1 week before being taken down.
  • There will be posted 3 normal rounds. These rounds can be found in any normal area of RO from prontera to New world. There will be a special round posted in addition to these 3. The Special round will be God Mode level difficulty and have a prize accordingly. This will be extraordinarily difficult to get to and may be an instance, quest area, or even a BG/PW/DA type map.
  • You must post a full screenshot of the location and the exact coordinates. You can type /where to know what coordinates you are standing in. The person who posts the first correct answer on the forum wins.
  • There is no margin for error, the coordinates must be exact
  • Screenshots can be posted via any Image Uploading Service in the Internet. Image Shack is a good one.
  • Match Me is generally divided into four rounds. A player cannot win more than one round per week. If players try to circumvent this rule via Alternate Accounts, your rights to attend future Match Me sessions will be revoked and you may suffer serious punishments (bans) However For the last 2 days of the week the Special round will be open to all participants.
  • Please do not spend too much time on a space in the Match Me. Let other players have their chance.
  • All posts must remain unedited. (Yes, that means you can double post if it's relevant screenshots.)




  • The Hat in the Cropped Screenshot.

Three Old Purple Boxes and one Old Card Album The Special category prize will be listed below it's picture.

Please be sure to read the rules! If there are any questions please ask, you may PM me if you wish.


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