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Biolab Lighthalzen 4 Instance



Event details



Date : May 5th, Friday
Time : 9.30 AM server time (Use @time ingame)
Gathering spot : Lighthalzen Town
Requirements : Must have LH4 Instance access. Level 95+ Transcended class only.
Remark : No late comers. Die at your own risk. EXP loss map. Loots is free for all.


How To Play/Join & Rules:
Must have access to the instance. Mandatory.
If you want to have some fun, this is an event for you. If you're here for the loots, this might be the event for you. BUT, if you value your EXP, skip this.

No warping into the instance if you do not have access.

Bother me about support ticket
Refuse to be my couch
 Ask me why Flan is a flan

Why Dulcet hates everyone

Hosted by @GM Skylar

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