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  1. ミ☆ Austin

    PVP after woe

  2. ミ☆ Austin

    From the desk of Kathis

    It's the internet. If you are getting "bullied" or feeling "harassed" or "insulted", you need to figure out that on any online game there will be banter. You also need to understand that the easiest way to get away from the "bullying" or "harassment" online... is to just close that application, or maybe go do something not online. It should 100% be part of the solution, which it was, and even if you don't block them, what's the next best thing? Maybe just not replying (especially when the banter had already ended.. not naming anyone specific.)
  3. ミ☆ Austin

    From the desk of Kathis

    Weird how blocking people got removed from the steps when it's a 3 click process, and if you block someone on discord it's 100% on you if you click the blocked message to un-hide it. Lol.
  4. Maybe one day the staff will figure out what players actually have decent/relevant ideas and weed out the ones with garbage ideas instead of trying implement those ones instead.

    1. thephi


      They weed out yo dumb ideas.

  5. Next time I get a personal invite from Thephi to PvP after WoE, I sure hope it lasts longer than 8 minutes!

  6. ミ☆ Austin

    PVP after woe

    nice insult !! y i k e s
  7. ミ☆ Austin

    PVP after woe

    y i k e s
  8. #goodnightjRO

    1. thephi


      Why you take my hashtag?

  9. Finally that cancer thread was locked. Bless.

  10. Hey if u wan b part of teh kool kidz, u shud check out this thred n join us, cuz das wut all teh kool kidz r doin nowadayz : http://forum.jellyro.com/topic/57451-nerds-random-questlog/


  11. Flan didn't unban this account. I was lied to. :(

    1. Flan


      Shame on the person who told you it was unbanned!