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  1. Back. Will need time. 

  2. JRO Mission Board Party will commence today @ 8am server time, 16th May 2017. Hover to Prontera for invites! 



    1. Marsh


      Sad no people showed up. 

  3. Tea People! Will be joining Kiwi's Hardcore OGH Run today @ 9am 12th May 2017. Scheduled ET Run will continue right after if its not too late / people still wanting to do it./wow



  4. Mission Boards Tea Party today 9th May, 8am Server time. Do come! /thx



    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Wing


      Oh noes we wouldn't want that lol ! Just gotta be sneaky bout it he he he :p

    3. Skylar


      Marsh probably going to tell Mally about this.

    4. Marsh


      dont worry, i'll keep it safe in my cart

  5. Cyber bullying exists. Its sickening. 

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    2. Strawberry Pop Tart

      Strawberry Pop Tart

      wtf you talking about? all you have to do is turn off the computer hahahaha

    3. Roykira


      i experience this first hand in discordT.T.  all i wish is for the childrens happiness butt the darkness inside them forces their greed out for power

    4. Strawberry Pop Tart

      Strawberry Pop Tart

      Wtf roy ur de one bullyin us /sob

  6. #MakeAurosMissionBoardGreatAgain /swt2

  7. Missed the 1st day of xmas adventure calendar /shy