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  1. Roykira

    Falling into Jelly

    yes I am sure everyone joining woe wants to hold hands and have a tea party. no one likes plays war for the competition or pvp. Its definitely not the WoE bringing the toxicity, there are so many other reasons for war being pure cancer sometimes, whether it be items, how they got their items, some definite bias or the pure fact that you yourself don't believe in fixing it. Our group stopped playing cuz it was resident sleeper, wiping people and having to wait 30 minutes for last minute cap attempts. We were told that WoE would revive since we were the ones killing it. I also believe I heard of the population going to be increasing since our group of "toxic" people are gone but clearly maybe you guys are blaming the wrong people. And thats just keeping it filtered. There is definitely aallloot more stuff i know about that could be brought up but who knows ill prob just get shadow banned again :^)
  2. new staff, same shenanigans :)2

  3. one day my boi kathis will see me as a human being.0:3

    :^)  ......

    1. ミ☆ Austin

      ミ☆ Austin

      this'll nvr happen

    2. thephi


      Funny I don't even see you as that.

      Me and Kathis are so similar in thinking. 

  4. Roykira

    PVP after woe

    t i l t e d y i k e s
  5. Roykira

    PVP after woe

    y i k e s
  6. "You playing is killing the server" - Peanut Gallery


    good thing i stopped seems like things have flourished and I was the problem/sry;~; no flame

    1. ミ☆ Austin

      ミ☆ Austin

      Vintage killed jRO come on now

  7. Hows WoE guys? :^) 

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    2. Aristocrat
    3. Wing
    4. Roykira


      sounds like everythings fine i guess ill disapear for lonker


  8. All around me are familiar faces
    Worn out places, worn out faces
    Bright and early for their daily races
    Going nowhere, going nowhere
    Their tears are filling up their glasses
    No expression, no expression
    Hide my head I want to drown my sorrow
    No tomorrow, no tomorrow

    1. Strawberry Pop Tart

      Strawberry Pop Tart

      This status makes me want to commit sudoku. 

    2. Minutes


      is this you trying to say you love those gear boys?

    3. Roykira
  9. Why must there be hate and war.  We are all people, juan and the same.  IS IT WURF FITING AMONGST OURSELVES TO MAKE THE GRATEST GUIDE FOR NEWBSTERS LIKE COOBSTER

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    2. Strawberry Pop Tart

      Strawberry Pop Tart

      damn coobi stop bein such noob so dis war can stop

      ppl have died when they were kill

    3. Spookycoobi


      i require the finest guides 

    4. ミ☆ Austin
  10. come back and take ur number 1 spot from this durty stealer named wolfbio T.T

  11. stay woke fam " Soon™ "

  12. careful wut u say children  :^)  its cumming coming, hope ur ready hehe x3

    1. Minutes


      we know whats coming in the DM box c:

    2. Roykira


      pls dun DM me )^:

  13. Sometimes I ask myself the meaning of life. Why should I continue living?  Then i remember i have to feed my horses every morning.

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    2. Roykira


      i changed my mind im selling u all.  Especially jerome.  Ima sell him to he wurst owner ever

    3. Alyssa


      Jer needs to be fed, if you sell him, his owner will starve him and he will die.

    4. Roykira


      Laifu isn't fair Alyssa,  all we can do is pray for him once I ship him off.