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  • Patcher Fix By Finnian

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    An update that lets your patcher get patches from our relocated webserver. You won't be able to patch without this update. If your patches are not up to date you may not be able to play. If you have the latest version of JellyRO installed (jROFull090717), then your patcher is ready to go without this manual update.   To install:  Run jROPatcherFix090717.exe and make sure the destination folder is set to the location of your JellyRO installation (usually C:\Games\JellyRO\)   More details here:   
  • Full Installer By Linus

    • 3758
    JellyRO Full Installer Do not install the new version into the same folder as the old version! If you have a previous version installed, we strongly recommend that you move or rename your old JellyRO folder before you install the new version.     

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