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Lunar New Year 2023: Hop to it!


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Gong Xi Fa Cai! 

Or in other words, Happy New Year! For until February 5th, we are offering a special event for all our players around the world who wish to celebrate Chinese New Year (or more generally, Lunar New Year) with us! You won't want to miss this one. 


Osmanthus the Rabbit (louyang 210, 108) is visiting Louyang for a short time to offer his services and wish everyone good fortune in the year ahead! He will unslot cards from items for just 2m Zeny per card. You will be able to pick which cards you want to remove or keep in the item. All cards and the item will be safely returned to you at no extra cost. Each time you use this service, you will receive a boosted Red Envelope! These envelopes have been modified to give a random amount of zeny, starting at a minimum of 250,000. If you're lucky, it could contain 1 million Zeny! Make sure you open your envelopes sooner rather than later, because when Osmanthus leaves, the Zeny range will be reverted to 10k-50k.


In summary:

  • Discount unslotter NPC located near Louyang respawn point (210, 108)
  • Unslot costs 2m per card, pick which cards to remove
  • You automatically get to keep the item and cards
  • NPC gives 1 red envelope per transaction, which contains 250k-1m Zeny
  • When the NPC leaves, the envelopes will change back to normal amounts.


(Tip: Unslot one card at a time because he will only give you one Red Envelope for the whole transaction even if you unslot 4 cards all at once. This isn't a bug, it's just the way Osmanthus does business. Those in the know may use this to their advantage.)


Don't forget to patch!
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