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JellyRO Presents: The Secrets of the Lost Manor


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Gather 'round, Jellybeans, and I'll tell you a tale...

It is said that every 13 years, a nightmarish realm called the Forest of Lost Souls merges with our world and lures curious explorers to their doom. The few who return speak of a twisted labyrinth with the ruins of an old manor house near its center. Even more terrifying than the forest is what lurks inside the house. One adventurer recalled what he could only describe as a menacing darkness that devours souls. What ancient devilry is this? Why does an abandoned house exist in the middle of this supernatural forest? And why has this realm appeared again only a year later? We may never have all the answers, but whenever the spooky forest reappears, an eccentric old man always shows up in Payon. He seems to know something about the manor and what lies inside of it. He is very interested in answering some of these questions, and he promises to reward anyone crazy brave enough to gather his requested research materials. You're not afraid of the dark, are you?


The Secrets of the Lost Manor

Here's what you need to know, though more details may be added later. Start in Payon and you'll find the Collector (/navi payon 142/228). Listen carefully to what he says. He'll repeat the key details if you ask, but not everything. If you accept the quest, you'll head to the map south of Payon (/navi pay_fild01 346/136). Near here you will find a Spooky Path. Once you enter, you're committed to at least attempting the quest. Should you survive failing, you will have a chance to rethink your choices.

If you successfully complete the quest by finding the 3 books inside the manor, you will have to find your way out of the forest to claim your reward. I warn you, it is difficult and you may want to use some method of tracking your path, especially when it comes to maze segments with more than 2 portals. Unless you have an exceptional memory, it is easy to lose track of where you've been.

If you need extra help with the quest, fear not! A quest guide is in the works and will be posted one week from now.


Quick quest facts:

  • Reward is 100 Pumpkin Festival Certificates.
  • Not repeatable. Each character can complete it once.
  • Sequel to last year's "Lost Treasures of Doom" quest.


Event ends on November 7, 2022!


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The Secrets of the Lost Manor Quest Guide

Here is a quick guide to help you get through the quest. It may contain some very minor spoilers, but it's not a complete walkthrough. You will still need to locate the items in the manor, and of course find your way out of the forest on your own.






  • Find the Collector at Payon 142, 228
    • Choose "How can I help?"
      • He tells you about the forest and warns that you won't be able to teleport out of it or use items.
      • He also warns you that none of your skills will work in the house, and you will have to avoid ghosts that will try to slow you down.
      • You need to find a Green Book, Blue Book, and Red Book inside the house.
      • You will only have 4 minutes inside the house before it kicks you out and you'll have to go back and try again.
      • He says he will give 100 Pumpkin Festival Certificates for retrieving the items.
    • When he asks if you agree to retrieve the items for a reward, choose "Yes"
  • Find the Spooky Path near pay_fild01 346, 136
    • Before you take the spooky path, be prepared for your character to potentially be in there for a while.
    • From there, you will be warped directly to section of the maze where you can find the entrance of the house, which is another dark portal labeled "Old Manor". If you don't see it, it might just be covered by fog. Move your mouse near the bottom edge of that map section to find it.
    • Click the dark portal to get a description of the house exterior and choose Enter to go inside.


mexkuxS.png     Pf8ey4C.png


  • Once you are inside the house, a descriptive dialog will pop up. The timer does not start until the dialog closes.
    • You will find the books by looking for various clickable objects and getting close enough to investigate them. Most of the time you will find nothing. When you find a book, remember where you found it because if you fail to find all three in time, you will have to get it from the same place again.
    • Be careful where you walk because certain spaces trigger a ghost to pop up as an illustration in the middle of your screen for a couple seconds, as well as Curse status for 10 seconds. These ghost triggers reset after 30 seconds so most of the time you can avoid hitting the same one again.
    • If you run out of time, you will eventually be warped out.
  • When you are warped back to pay_fild01, you'll have a dialog pop up. Choose either "Challenge accepted!" or "Think it over", and then take the Spooky Path and try again.
    • It may take a few tries to get all the books, but once you know where they are, it will be much easier.
    • Once you get all three, you will have to run back to the entrance of the house to leave.
  • Once you have successfully escaped the house with the books, it's time to tackle the maze.
    • Take notes as you go to help you remember where you've been, especially when you reach sections with more than 2 portals.
    • Your path may appear to take you to the same section of the maze multiple times. This is normal. For a cursed forest anyway.
    • Everyone's maze is uniquely generated so you can't ask anyone to show you the way out.
    • If all else fails, you can pray to the gods to have mercy on you, and use the Reset Position tool on our website to get out of the forest. Adventurer privilege! First logout from the game, login on cp.jellyro.com, go to My Account, select the character, click Reset Position in the menu just above "Viewing Character".
  • Go back to the Collector in Payon for your reward!


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