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You're as Welcome as the Flowers in May


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We've had our share of gray days, but the rain is just as important as the sun to make things grow. This was going to be a simple little update and then it just kept growing! You will find more MVPs to hunt around Farvir, and even Bloody Branches got an upgrade! There was various other work done to (hopefully) fix some errors that have been plaguing us for years, and if you changed your character's name while in a guild, now the name has been properly updated in the guild roster. We hope to keep bringing you quality updates to brighten your day. And maybe, just maybe, bigger things could be on the horizon.


Farvir MVPs

Have you ever gone to the Farvir region to hunt Mammoth, but could only find Garm? Your odds will improve dramatically after this update. Now all three MVPs -- Garm, Ktullanux, and Hardrock Mammoth -- will be spawning on designated maps around Farvir.


Bloody Branches 

Not another Angeling! We removed minibosses Angeling, Arc Angeling, Ghostring, and Deviling from Bloody Branches and in their place added some more worthy opponents: Hardrock Mammoth, Tendrillion, Leak, and Kraken!



Next maintenance will be June 6, 2022


Monthly Updates

Featured Auro Shop Costumes



Featured Jellybean Rewards



Additional Notes

  • Auro Shop and Jellybean exchanger have been updated.
  • Jellyblob was updated to reflect change in Auro Shop costumes.
  • Reduced fame points by 10% for all characters on accounts inactive for 90 days.
  • Mismatched character names in guild member lists have been updated to display the character's current name.
  • Some minibosses have been removed from Bloody Branches and replaced with 4 MVPs.
  • Each of the three MVPs in Farvir fields will spawn in their designated maps, rather than one of the three randomly spawning.
  • Several scripts have been updated to resolve errors related to OnPCLoginEvent and OnPCKillEvent.


Don't forget to patch!
How are we doing? Review us at RateMyServer.Net!
If something isn't working correctly, please submit a bug report.

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