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A Bug in the Christmas Event Has Been Fixed


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It has come to our attention that the Kafra Christmas quest was not working as intended. The issue was fixed within minutes of its discovery this week on Monday, but that doesn't help the players who spent hours trying to find a missing piece that was inaccessible to them during the previous weeks. I sincerely apologize that we overlooked this bug in testing, and that we took so long to realize why players were struggling with finding the secret code. 


In the December announcement, I gave some vague hints for how to find pieces of the code. When the pieces are put together, this code will allow one player to claim a prize of 12000 Auro. Seeing as the event ends next week on Monday, I will give a more detailed guide.



The code is a string of letters and numbers, split into three parts, which can be obtained in any order but must be reconstructed sequentially:

  • The first part can come up randomly in dialog when talking to the Citizen NPCs while the quest is not active (after you deliver the donation boxes to Kafra Christie and before you talk to her again the next day, or simply before you ever talk to her the first time). This is the part of the script that wasn't working before, resulting in the Citizen NPCs having no dialog at all if the quest was not active.
  • The second part can come up while the quest is active, after you have received a donation box from a Citizen NPC and you try to talk to them a second time (but before you deliver the boxes).
  • The third part can come up the first time you talk to the Citizen NPCs each day while the quest is active. Be careful that you don't enter-spam past it because you won't be able to see it again that day from the same NPC, but there's still a chance that another NPC you haven't talked to yet that day will randomly get that line of dialog.


Once you have all three parts of the code, you can use the mostly-forgotten Rewards page claim the prize.

  1. Login our website with the player account where you want to receive the reward (make sure you are not logged in the game)
  2. Go to the Rewards page: https://cp.jellyro.com/rewards/
  3. Enter the code and choose a character on your account
  4. Click Redeem Rewards
  5. When you login the game and select the character you chose to receive the reward, you'll find the 12000 Auro Pack in your inventory.


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