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Its the end of June on a summer evening and we at staff hope those of you in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying your summer! It has been exceptionally hot in many unexpected places recently, so if that is the case for you, we hope you are staying safe and reasonably comfortable. As is tradition for our July updates, we don't have any new content per say, but we do have some important announcements.



Task Board

We have made it possible for players to earn Auros by completing tasks we need done, such as making guides, art, video. These tasks will be things that we need to hopefully help JellyRO as a whole. The Wiki, our YouTube, guides that may need to be updated, quest information, or even just intel to help us out. There are even tasks that can be done by a group of people, which uses the club feature on the form. Find out more by checking out the Task Board!


Summer Festival Coins

If you haven't earned any Summer Festival Coins yet, it's not too late! This seasonal currency can be obtained though Volleyball and GM events. They aren't very useful yet, but they could be in the near future, so make sure you save them. In the meantime, you can also continue bringing summer suit parts (dropped by monsters) to Tailor Jessica near the volleyball court in Beacon Island, as well as trying your luck at opening Summer Crates and Summer Packs, purchasable from the Auro Shop.


Event content will disappear on September 5, 2021!



A Note about Djinn

We are finally going to be giving some attention to the Djinn, which has been missing the buff that summoned stronger plant monsters with Bio Cannibalize. We apologize that this has been on the back burner ever since we switched the server from eAthena to Hercules. No updates/fixes have been made to the item yet, but we temporarily updated the item's description to reflect what it currently does. We will be attempting to modify the source code to allow the custom Bio Cannibalize buff to work again. If it doesn't behave, we will consider adding a different skill-related buff.


Reminder About Sharing Accounts

This isn't something new, but as a reminder, our account security guidelines (found in our rules) state: "Do not share your username and password with other players."  There is no penalty for this, except that if anyone breaks rules while using your account, you will receive the punishment. Further, when it comes to any events with prizes that are intended to be 1 per person, doing the event on another person's account will not yield any reward for you. So it's best to do it on your own character / account.  


When we do GM events, we are required to perform an alt check. This is to keep the rewards fair, as opposed to someone coming in with 5 alts to fill up the party and earn a lot of rewards. Checking for alts involves email addresses, IP addresses, and sometimes other information from accounts and logs. Not all GMs have the access required to fully perform these checks, so it's much simpler to rely on checking the email addresses on accounts.


Another good reason to not share your account information is the other person can change the email address of said account. The email address is proof of account ownership, so if your account is stolen through these methods, it is an uphill battle to get it sorted out. We would need to verify that the accounts were stolen and not transferred or sold.


In short, to be safe, don't share your accounts. Maybe in the future when we have Player IDs in place, this will be streamline to something simple for everyone involved. 


Monthly Updates

Featured Auro Shop Costumes




Featured Jellybean Rewards



Additional Notes

  • Auro Shop and Jellybean exchanger have been updated.
  • Jellyblob was updated to reflect change in Auro Shop costumes.
  • Reduced fame points by 10% for all characters on accounts inactive for 90 days.


Don't forget to patch!
How are we doing? Review us at RateMyServer.Net!
If something isn't working correctly, please submit a bug report.

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