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One Jelly Summer


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Summer is here and the beach is open in JellyRO!  Our recent updates are heating things up. Be sure to try "Endless WoE" and see how fast you can capture a castle. Which class is the best emperium breaker? The answer may surprise you! Also, we felt that the Auro Shop was a few cards short of a full deck so we added a bunch of MVP and Miniboss cards. More on that later. We now return to our regularly scheduled summer events!


Fun in the Sun!

Volleyball season has begun at Beacon Island! Grab your friends (you need 4 players) and compete for fun prizes including Auro (3x/day).

Monsters have a chance of dropping either Aloha Shirt or Swimming Shorts. If you find yourself in need of some beach-wear, bring the shirts and shorts to Tailor Jessica (cmd_fild07 253,125) and she'll make them into Summer Suits. Be sure to use them or share them because you can only keep them until the end of summer.

Summer Crates and Summer Packs are back in the Auro Shop for a limited time. Inside you may find costumes, cards, equipment, or if you're very lucky, a Custom Kaho. 



Event will end on September 5, 2021!


Cards on the Table

Players on Discord already got a sneak peek of the cards we added to the Auro Shop. It didn't make sense for us to have certain cards in the Auro Shop and not others that fit the same criteria. Now players will be able to use Auro to buy cards dropped by MVPs and Minibosses that spawn normally (no quest/instance bosses). Keep in mind that we still have donations disabled for now, but Auro can be obtained through various methods in-game, such as the Mission Board on the Event Map.


Assassin Cross
Fallen Bishop Hibram
General Egnigem Cenia
Gloom Under Night
Gold Queen Scaraba
Hardrock Mammoth
Lady Tanee
Lord Knight
Queen Scaraba


Cat O' Nine Tails
Dragon Fly
Thanatos Despero
Thanatos Dolor

Thanatos Maero
Thanatos Odium


WoE Updates

We agreed that a potential of 100,100 HP was too much for a plant mode emperium. We changed the formula so instead of the emp gaining 1000 HP per point of castle defense, the amount of HP added to the emp will gradually become smaller as the castle defense increases, with a max of 4700 HP at 100 Castle Defense.

The guardians also got a major buff. Investing in castle defense will increase their movement and attack speed as well as giving them a more noticeable increase in attack power. They can also see cloaked enemies.

Last but not least, any member of a guild that owns a castle can interact with the their castle's steward NPC to check castle status, invest in defense, install guardians, or hire a kafra. Teamwork makes the dream work!


In summary:

  • Rebalanced Emperium's HP bonus increase
  • Lots of guardian buffs
  • Anyone in the guild can contribute to their castle's defense investment


Monthly Updates

Featured Auro Shop Costumes




Featured Jellybean Rewards

20122.png20452.png30154.png 1622.gif


Additional Notes

  • Auro Shop and Jellybean exchanger have been updated.
  • Jellyblob was updated to reflect change in Auro Shop costumes and cards.
  • Reduced fame points by 10% for all characters on accounts inactive for 90 days.
  • Some grammatical errors in the dialogue of SQI Maker NPCs have been corrected.
  • Skeleton Manteau [2] has been added to Nekorace shop (Special Item Ticket cat).
  • Hardrock Mammoth and Tendrilrion card art updated with proper MVP border.
  • A typo in Elemental Potion Creation Guide was corrected.
  • Pussy Cat Bell drag-and-drop sprite is no longer a banana.
  • Status.c, Battle.c, Skill.c were updated.


Don't forget to patch!
How are we doing? Review us at RateMyServer.Net!
If something isn't working correctly, please submit a bug report.

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