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Spring is a time for new life! After a long winter, nature is waking up, and so are we. JellyRO is in need of some revitalization so we are beginning to take steps to get us back on track. Please bear with us as we are finding out what kind of timeline is needed for various projects with the crew we have. At least there has been more activity behind the scenes last month. As usual, I can't make any promises about what's coming, but I will say that something is in the works. Kathis on the other hand... he may have more to say about it.


Get It Together

It is in your best interest as a JellyRO player to make sure you have the same email address on each of your game accounts, and that you are still able to access that email. You can change your game account email address by logging in your account on our website, selecting My Account and Change E-mail on the menus, and entering the email address you want to use. Then logout and repeat for the rest of your game accounts. Not only does this help the staff serve you better now, but it will prepare you for an update we're planning in the future.


A Word from Kathis

Reviews on RateMyServer


There has been some confusion about how RateMyServer (RMS) handles their reviews, which lead to questions of how a server's ranking could drop so quickly, and the misconception that reviews can be deleted by server owners. So I will do my best to explain how RMS works; what happened to the reviews; what the numbers actually mean to me, the server owner; and why you the players, should review every 6 months. 


When you look at the reviews on RMS, you may find us on some odd page and wonder why we dropped so far. The reason for this is because RMS only shows the latest 6 months by default. At the time of writing this section of the announcement, if you switch the review range to 'all time' we are rank 16 on the low rate servers, with 55 reviews. While server owners cannot delete users' reviews, users can delete their own reviews. RMS allows each user to have only one review per server so when a user decides to write an updated review on a server they previously reviewed, they are prompted to delete their old review first.


As a server owner, I can respond to the reviews only if the 'respond to review' button appears. Not all reviews have this button enabled. It only shows up if there is a really low score in at least one area, or the overall score is on the low side.


All we ask is that you be honest and constructive with your review. Now without further ado...


RMS Rating Categories Explained


When you go to write a review, there scores and radio buttons. On the actual website you can see what each category is by mousing over the [?], but I will write out that information for you here, plus more detailed explanations. 




Server Ratings


Stability: "The overall crash and freeze rating that a player would give to the server, the higher the rating, the less it crashes/freezes.

If we see this number being less than 8, then I grow concerned and wonder if perhaps your computer or internet provider is the issue. At a 10 you would be saying that the game doesn't crash or freeze on you. 


Availability: "How often is the server accessible? Is the server up 24/7? Is there a downtime? The higher the ranting, the more often the server is up.

We do one maintenance every month, because the Auro shop cannot be updated and reloaded while the server is running. (Trust me if I could I would.) There is rarely any other reason the server is down or inaccessible, so this number really shouldn't less than a 8. If it is, I would wonder if you only try logging on during our maintenance. 


Community Ratings


Friendliness: "How friendly is the community? Are the players willing to help each other? Is it easy to find a party to farm or hunt together?"

This one is based on the players. If I see this 4 or less, I can only assume you guys are very rude to each other 😕 which is sad.


Eventfulness: "How often does the server host player events? Special events? Such as a tournament, racing, or hide and seek. The higher the rating the more events.

I run 4 GM events each month. If this number is not a 10, I can only assume you want more events in the month.


Game  master ratings


Friendliness: "How friendly are the game masters? Do they kill players out of pure spite, are they reasonable in actions?"

This one is based on the GMs. The only time we kill players is during events, when it's a normal part of the event itself. As for reasonable, I believe we do try to enforce the rules while being reasonable. Low numbers here gives me the impression that either a) my staff needs to be investigated, or b) the person reviewing has been recently punished for breaking the rules. 


Availability: "How often are the game master's available for support? The higher the number the more often they are online and available to help.

With players from all over the world, this one is a bit harder to cover. The number here would just give me an idea of your particular time coverage. My time zone is 1 hour earlier than server time, and I am generally available 11am - 2am (about 15 hours) server time. But this is a general standby. A lot of the time I don't hear the 'ding' in Game.  But never the less we'll try to work on this.


Helpfulness: "How helpful are the game master? Are the game masters able to answer questions related to the server and solve player problems?"

During those 15 hours I am on, if I notice a question, I generally will do research to make sure the information I am providing is as correct as I can be. However when the questions are, 'when will woe be back' or 'when will you nerf / buff ____' or anything else that isn't already in game I cannot answer. I've explained this before, when ever a staff starts talking about plans we have and what we're currently working on, players give it the same weight as a promise. If something comes up and our plans are delayed or scrapped, it gets the same effect as breaking a promise. This is why staff is not allowed to talk about future projects, or solutions we're working on. I've broke this in one of the general discussion board recently, in hopes to explain that we do have plans, just not the man power to execute them. Low scores in this category make saddens me because it means that you feel you cannot rely on us to help you.


Game-Play Ratings


Economy: "How balanced is the server economy? Are there significant amounts of players with too much zeny? Are players willing to hunt items? Is Zeny worth anything? The lower the rating, the poorer the economy."

I expect this number to be low. There isn't much we can do to fix it at this point to fix the economy besides adding 'zeny sinks' that may slightly improve the economy over a long period of time or at least keep it from getting worse. We are an old server with way too much zeny and items in storage. New players are so poor that they cannot buy something in the market. I have seen people willing to hunt for items, so we got that going for us. As for Zeny being worth anything. I don't know, I think it is, seeing how people still sell auro for zeny. I know that more zeny sinks are needed, but putting too many things behind a zeny pay wall can be a bit taxing on some players so it must be thought out carefully. Further simply taking away items or zeny would break one of our oldest promises, and doesn't feel good on the player side. 


Guild Competition: "Is it easy to find and join an active guild? Is there completion between guilds or is there one guild that dominating the game? The higher the rating, the more balance the guild competitions are."

I expect this number to be low at this point. Most of the players see this as only WoE related, but honestly this one score should not reflect purely on the state of WoE. Even though we have a PVP map with the 'guild vs guild' setting turned on, I feel that we need to have more guild related events, exclusive features, and mini events. Even if we had WoE enabled, this number should still be low until there is more things a guild can do together besides killing other guilds. 


Class Balance: "Are classes and skills balanced to allow a variety of builds? For example is there a certain class that is too strong or a certain skill that is too powerful? The lower the rating, the more imbalanced the server."

As far as I am aware we are set to default for the classes and skills. So 5-6 would be about average. Ragnarok itself is not balanced in the classes. I would love to take a gander at rebalancing the classes, and making them a counter/complement to each other. Based on how many of you enjoy PVP this would probably make it more interesting. The only skill I would argue is 'too powerful' is the skill Greed, based on the demand to have this skill available on every character class. As a game designer I agree with as a low number. Speaking of op skills, I wonder if no item gave extra skills be it auto cast or just a skill in the misc tab, and you were able to pick one skill that could be permanently added to your characters regardless of class. Which skill would it be? 


Donation level: should be ' Unavailable' since we have donations disabled.

Customization Level: should be 'Extensive' since custom features/gears are seen or used by most players.

Population: I can only suggest you count how many people you see while you play. I know the actual non-vendor number is roughly anywhere from 7-29 at any given time, but again we have people from around the world playing at different times. 


There is a box for you to write out your review for more details. Just be honest, things you noticed. Maybe explain your scores in a bit of detail, to give myself and others reading a better idea, don't be afraid to give criticism if needed.


Despite what people think. Low scores don't lower your rank, all it does is effect the feather. What effects the rank is the amount of reviews. So if you want to help the server, just review. 


Final Notes About Reviews


Every month we remind you the players to review, with a link to our server's page in every announcement (scroll down you can see it now), However, we cannot reward you for doing so, since that would violate the terms of service of RMS. They advise reviewers at the bottom of the review form, "If the server you are reviewing is giving you points, items or reward incentives of any kind to write this review, please let us know by emailing us at admin@ratemyserver.net. It is against our Terms of Services and will result in a suspension to the server listing."  So we just ask that you write a review and update it at least every 6 months if you want to do your part to help the server population.




There is a lot on my plate at this current time, but I have recently managed to finish a large project, so I should be able to dedicate more time towards JellyRO. Which means I may be a bit more active, not only in trying to help my staff grow better as a group, but also having more of a presence here on the forum. I was under the impression that my staff was handling the forum front, but that was not the case. Covid has done a number on my life, which forced me to move to a different city, closer to family. Finding work hasn't been easy, and I assume that is the case for everyone.


Again I remind people there is no need to worry about the server bills. I've put aside enough to pay our bills that will support us for about 10 years of running, with inflation in mind. Those that want to donate, I thank you again, but I must remind you that PayPal has broken our trust with at least 3 incidents over the course of aRO/JellyRO's existence. If anyone knows of a platform that is available world wide, I would be happy to look into it, but it should: be able to receive payments from at least 130 / 195 countries; not have a monthly fee to hold an account; not require a physical product; and not require players to make an account on the platform. 


Things to Come


Finally, I will break protocol and a give you a promise of what is to come. Back in our days with Gepard Shield, the client would provide the server with a Unique ID that was unique to the device you were playing on. This did help us greatly in figuring out if a character with the same IP address was an alt or not, which allowed us to prevent dual clienting when necessary. However, we were unable to keep using Gepard, and without it we had no reliable means of getting this information. So we're going to be rolling out our own system that supports Player IDs. Think of these as a citizen card to you the player. This ID will tie in your accounts under one player banner.


So why are we doing this? As you may recall, we had to change the auro board because it was exploited by using an in-game party mechanic. This mechanic's purpose is to encourage friends to do quests together. However it was exploited by having several alts just be on screen when the monster was killed, thus allowing people with lots of accounts to do very little work to rake in lots of auro. The randomness of the auro board now helps reduce this sort of exploit, but at the cost of friends working together on the same quest. By having it give a random quest based on your level, it not only allows higher levels to have access to lower level quests (easy day, if you're lucky!), but also gives them a chance to get out of their comfort zone with a more challenging quest that they otherwise might not have picked. We also made the gathering quests worth more because our economy is bad, and we are trying to drain the hordes of items that players have in their storage. 


We do plan on bringing back Auro mission boards that allow you to select the quest you want, but the catch is that it will look at your Player ID, as opposed to your Account ID. The obvious reason why we are not basing it on your IP address is because some players live in the same household. 


Good things are on the horizon... plans that will work with this Player ID system. So make sure that you go over all the accounts you own, and change their email address to 1 email address you have access to. Even in account recoveries, email addresses are our first way of verifying account ownership. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy Kathis note.



Server Owner


Monthly Updates

Featured Auro Shop Costumes




Featured Jellybean Rewards



Additional Notes

  • Auro Shop and Jellybean exchanger have been updated.
  • Jellyblob was updated to reflect change in Auro Shop costumes.
  • Reduced fame points by 10% for all characters on accounts inactive for 90 days.
  • Added Wounded Morroc to Bloody Branch (temporary until we are ready for the next phase)


Don't forget to patch!
How are we doing? Review us at RateMyServer.Net!
If something isn't working correctly, please submit a bug report.

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