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War of Emperium Q3 Cease-Fire

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Dear JellyRO players,

For those of you who just want the news, it's right here in the first paragraph. Due to several problems with War of Emperium, and the time it will take us to fix them, WoE 2020 Q3 is canceled. That means WoE will continue as usual until maintenance on July 5th, and then the next "season" of WoE will not start until our October maintenance. When WoE returns, it will be in open beta testing with the first phase of changes implemented. We will listen to your feedback and try new things until we find the kind of balance and fairness that the majority of us can agree on. If you would like to hear our explanation and other thoughts on the current state of affairs, please continue reading.


We're taking such drastic measures because we now realize that we have allowed these problems go on for far too long while we have been concerned with improving other aspects of JellyRO. Tensions have reached a point where we can no longer put off dealing with it. Unfortunately, we are not able to make all the immediately needed changes happen in a short time, and allowing WoE to go on as it is in the meantime would be irresponsible. Disabling WoE, even for just three months, was not a decision that Kathis and I took lightly. As far as I know, it has never been done before on this server. WoE is an integral part of the game for many players, and it will be missed in the coming months. We hope that you will understand why we had to do this, and that you will be looking forward to the coming changes. Some players may want to go and play elsewhere, but we ask that you don't wander too far because, after all, we are doing all of this for you.


There are so many new features we would like to add (such as various types of collection books, a more dynamic warp girl menu, and a new shop that resells miscellaneous items that players have sold to it), but first we need to deal with all the existing stuff we're trying to fix (such as all the inconsistencies in our custom scripts, the issues with Nidhoggur's Nest and some other instances, and now balancing WoE). Or at least we should be fixing these things, but just when we are starting to make some progress, more problems are discovered, some crisis needs to be dealt with, and/or a staff member or two needs to take a break for personal reasons. At times, it may seem like an endless uphill battle, but I still have hope that one day we'll catch a break and our perseverance will pay off.


Keep in mind that the staff are, in fact, only human. The mysterious beings you know as Kathis, Finnian, Linus, Hibi, Donut, and Kane are real people, with real lives, spread across many locations (not to mention our testers who are still behind the scenes). The only thing that sets us apart from anyone else is that we have the added responsibility of keeping this server running and our players happy. This is a responsibility that brings us a certain amount of joy and fulfillment, but it IS work, which is on top of whatever else we have going on in our lives, and there is a lot of pressure to make the right choices. 


We continue to do the best we can, because we know that games like JellyRO have an important role during these uncertain times. People want to escape from everyday life, and there is comfort in familiar things. We are all dealing with a changing world and trying to adjust our lives to a new normal. Our sincere thanks goes out to the players who have stuck with us through everything and keep trying to help us improve by giving constructive criticism and suggestions. Fifteen years and we're still here, but we wouldn't have gotten this far without all the support we've had from our players along the way. Slowly but surely things will get better, and with all of us together, JellyRO will get better too.

Jelly regards,


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