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We Pledge Allegiance to JellyRO...

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The Jellies have done it! Thanks to the heroes of JellyRO, Wounded Satan Morroc has been sealed back in the other dimension!

This means that warps are now safely restored to normal and monsters can no longer pass through them.

The city of Morroc has been rebuilding since the horrific disaster, and that ongoing process is coming along quickly now that the fields to the east of the city have been restored to their former sandy splendor! Residents and merchants (NPCs) are returning, and the roads between Morroc and Prontera are safer to travel!



Blobs and Consequences

To ensure that we can continue bringing you Jellyblobs while complying with international law, the drop rates for items from Jellyblobs and Summer Boxes can be found here: 


A more detailed explanation will be forthcoming.


Further, due to people abusing Volleyball by starting a game and not actually playing to get the Auro, the handout has been decreased from 50 to 20 Auro for participating. 



WoE Castle Rotation

Every 3 months we rotate the active WoE castles to keep things interesting. While these castles have been unused, they have been taken over by monsters, so don't expect empty halls just because there is no emblem on the flag. The following castles have been selected, and the warp clips have been modified accordingly.


WoE TE: Friday @ 8pm

Kafragarten 3 (Jasmine)


Regular/Trans WoE: Saturday @ 8pm

Payon/Balder 5 (Bamboo Groove Hill)

Yuno/Nidhoggur 2 (Andlangr)


Non-Trans WoE: Sunday @ 8am

Prontera/Valkyrie 1 (Kriemhild)


Monthly Updates


Featured Auro Shop Costumes:




Featured Jellybean Rewards:


Additional Notes:

  • Auro shop and Jellybean exchanger have been updated.
  • JellyBlob was updated to reflect change in Auro Shop costumes.
  • Warps restored so monsters can no longer enter them.
  • Fields east of Morroc are no longer affected by the rift and can be traveled normally.
  • Several NPCs from moc_ruins were moved to Morroc.
  • Monsters have been added to the old moc_fild maps.
  • Warps have been enabled for the old moc_fild maps.
  • Quality of life updates for some items and NPCs have been added to help with consistency.
  • Some traders from Morroc have been added to our NPC database.
  • [0] slotted versions of the Damascus, Jur, Katar, Town Sword, Cinquedea have been added.
  • NPC shops will no longer be selling slotted equipment. This change is expected to be in the works. As a result, the slot enchanter NPC will allow these items to be enchanted to their slotted versions in the near future.
  • Beach volleyball has been fixed so inactivity will trigger "no prize".


How are we doing? Review us at RateMyServer.Net!
Don't forget to patch!
If something isn't working correctly, please submit a bug report.

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