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Hogs & Kisses - from JellyRO

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Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day


Our February events are kicking off just in time for Lunar New Year on February 5. It's the year of the Pig (or Boar), and we hope you go "hog wild" for our new pig-themed event! Then, on February 14, it's Valentine's Day (A.K.A. Singles Awareness Day). As you may recall, one of our Christmas events featured the Singles Union, so now it's time for married folks to have their turn in the spotlight. And what better way to show your love than to fight for the honor of your partner?


Jin and Sorga

1828.gif    JinNSorga.gif1840.gif

Traveling from a distant land, Jin and his trusty steed, Sorga, have found their way to Izlude. He has many wares to trade for, but he only accepts Apples, Unripe Apples, Straw Rice Bags, and Savage Meat. In exchange for the accepted foods, he will give you credits to purchase his goods. But that's not all! Jin has a way of telling where the Golden Savage is, and is willing to sell you clues. These clues can be purchased with Zeny or his credits. 


Gullinbrusti drop Straw Rice Bags, and there is one in each of the twelve regions of the World. 

The Golden Savage will appear in a random region, and there is only one at any given time. Good luck!


Regions are as follows:

Comodo, Einbroch, Geffen, Hugel, Mjolnir, Morroc, Payon, Prontera, Rachel, Veins, Yuno, and Lighthalzen/Umbala

(Lighthalzen and Umbala are considered 1 region due to their low map count.)



King and Queen for a Day


We will be hosting a tournament to determine who will be the King and Queen for a day.


Participation requirements:

1. The couple must be married in-game. Successfully casting "I miss you" will be used to check.

2. The couple must be wearing the same hat from the newly revamped Hats of Summer quests. These matching hats will symbolize your token of love. Each couple must have a unique pair of hats. (First come first serve.)

3. You must register yourself and your partner on the sign-up thread and declare which Hat of Summer you will be wearing.


Perks of being a royal for a day: There will be a unique crown that you and your partner will be able to wear for 24 hours. You will also be able to make a server wide announcement every 30 minutes, prefixed with "The King decrees..." or "The Queen decrees..." depending on which crown you are wearing.   


How to become King and Queen: One of you must go through a series of challenges, including a PvP duel, for your partner's honor. This player will be rewarded the King crown, and their partner will then receive the Queen crown. Same-sex marriages are welcomed, and there is no gender restriction on the crowns. More details will be provided in the sign-up thread.


Click here to sign up! 


Event content will disappear on March 3, 2019!


Hats of Summer Grand Finale


After many months of revamping and fixing up the Hats of Summer quests, we have reached our milestone. For that, Z̙͎̮̗̋ͪ̌̇͂̈́͛ͯ̇ͅa͈̳͉̫̦̥ͤ̂ͮm̥̭̻ͫͨ̈ͭ̄ͩb̩͇̺̮̣̰̲͇ͣ̂ͧ͊l̝͈̟̯̜̺̄ͧ͊̌ͣ̐̾̉͑ĕ͍̞̫̼̟̤̮̻̥̓ͮ͆̿ has risen to the surface in Izlude. He will convert your Hats of Summer into costumes for a fee of 10 million Zeny. And maybe your soul. However, if you refined the headgear, each refinement will reduce the price by 1 million.


The Sale Sign and the Friend Hat will lose their Hat of summer status for now, as they will be repurposed for future projects. You can still earn them through their original quest, but the Record Keeper will not reset those quests, and Z̙͎̮̗̋ͪ̌̇͂̈́͛ͯ̇ͅa͈̳͉̫̦̥ͤ̂ͮm̥̭̻ͫͨ̈ͭ̄ͩb̩͇̺̮̣̰̲͇ͣ̂ͧ͊l̝͈̟̯̜̺̄ͧ͊̌ͣ̐̾̉͑ĕ͍̞̫̼̟̤̮̻̥̓ͮ͆̿ will not accept those hats.


Monthly Updates

New Auro Shop Sales

Featured costumes: 



New Jellybean Rewards

19550.png20463.png20255.png   1167.gif


Hats of Summer revamp: The End!


Additional Notes

  • Auro shop and Jellybean exchanger have been updated.
  • The snowman has run out of stock. Snowballs will continue to be throwable until the snow melts where Kathis lives in Canada.
  • Several quest logs were updated
  • Several items were updated and fixed
  • All costume versions of HoS that did not previously exist were added
  • New NPC sprites were added
  • King and Queen Crown sprites were fixed to be their actual headgear
  • Several monsters were fixed


To follow updates, you can also refer to the server changelog.

How are we doing? Review us at RateMyServer.Net!
Don't forget to PATCH!
If something still isn't working correctly, please submit a bug report.


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Thanks a lot GM staff /thx


Finally, I can make my wandering wolf hats into costumes! The wolves of Morroc will be very happy. /lv

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