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Mission Boards Temporarily Removed

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OMG where are the mission boards?!



It has been brought to my attention that a bug exists in the Mission Boards that affects monster hunting missions.


A player is able to pick up the same quest simultaneously on multiple accounts, then have each character in their party hit the MVP (or each monster) at least once before it is killed, and all characters get credit for the kill(s) (that is how kill quests normally work for parties) so they are all able to get the Auro reward for completing the mission.


We want to encourage players to party up to do difficult quests, including the missions. However, the problem here is that it is too easy for an individual player to collect a greater amount of Auro daily than we intended to be possible from these boards.


The mission boards have been temporarily disabled until Kathis makes some improvements that will prevent the multiple account issue.

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No banning, will be occurring this time around, we just took down the boards and they will be back up once once I work out the bugs.

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