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Happy New Year, Jellies!

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Happy New Year, Jellies!


Happy belated New years Jellybeans, I hope you had a very good new year. We'll be having planned a relaxing January for us after the Christmas mayhem. 





Snowy the snowman had worked very hard in December to get you guys snowballs, but being one of no arms...or legs, he is a bit late. He is selling his snowballs at xmas,137,51 for 500 zeny! You can get a discount and buy in bulk!


Castle Rotations

Every three months, we rotate War of Emperium castles! Previous ownerships and economy have been wiped so we can start fresh. The following castles will be active for this quarter:

WoE TE: Friday @ 8pm

Kafragarten 4 (Roxie)


Regular/Trans WoE: Saturday @ 8pm

Pront/Valkyrie 5 (Gondul)

Yuno/Nidhoggur 1 (Himinn)


Non-Trans WoE: Sunday @ 8am

Payon/Balder 1 (Bright Arbor)


Monthly Updates


New Auro Shop Sales

Featured costumes: 



New Jellybean Rewards

19934.png19941.png20070.pngMob New Year Doll.gif


Hats of Summer revamp continues!


Additional Notes

  • Auro shop and Jellybean exchanger have been updated.
  • New characters will now get Freyja's Blessing as part of their starting gear, until we get around to making a better tutorial. 
  • Removed Lotto / Bingo balls
  • Removed Stole Candy, Stolen Cookies, Stolen bags of selling goods
  • Removed Raw Dough, Editable pumpkin


To follow updates, you can also always refer to the server changelog.

How are we doing? Review us at RateMyServer.Net!
Don't forget to PATCH!
If something still isn't working correctly, please submit a bug report.


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