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It’s a Very Jelly Christmas!

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It’s a Very Jelly Christmas!


Snow is starting to fall, which can only mean one thing: Christmas! Gather all ye merry around the Yule fire to drink warm cocoa, decorate the Christmas tree, put up your stockings, and exchange gifts! Celebrate the holiday with event quests, games, and of course gifts!


We have a lot of ground to cover in this announcement so let's get to it!


Singles Union


Fed up with happy couples, the Singles Union is recruiting! All unmarried characters can join the Singles Union in fulfilling its Christmas agenda by reporting to Union Commander Cliff at xmas,150,134.


Solstice Zones


The Solstice Lands have returned! Four maps with monsters have been added for your exploring pleasure. Zone 1 is for people base level 40 and below, and Zone 2 is for people base level 80 and below. Zones 3 and 4 are open to all, but beware! Zone 4 has PvP and if you’re not in the same guild, you can be attacked! Audrey the Angeling at xmas,202,206 was informed that you would be coming, and his pal Zack at xmas,259,114 will happily take the Christmas stones you gather there. He has many prizes for you, but be quick, because stock is limited!



Advent Calendar


If you haven’t noticed, we’ve released the first couple of codes for the JellyRO Advent Calendar! Count the days till Christmas with a treat each day. Look for a code and redeem it before the end of the day for a gift from us to you! To redeem your code, login to Control Panel and select the Rewards option. For December 2nd, we'll post the code here. It will be good till the start of the 4th so be sure to redeem it. For all other codes, be sure to check this thread:  Advent Calendar Event Thread As for the code for December 2nd: AfreebieCode


Xmas Boxes


It wouldn’t be Christmas without presents! Xmas Boxes will be available in the Auro Shop for the duration of the event, for only 100 Auro. Special Tickets can even be found in the boxes, and can be turned in to the cat in the event map. What did Jelly Claus get you for Christmas? The only way to know is to get an Xmas Box for yourself!





Also in Xmas Boxes are lotto balls, which can be used to play Bingo! Get your card at Bingo Card and join the fun!

To see all the prizes be sure to check this thread Bingo Event Thread, remember you can only call bingo once!

At the end of the month the Lotto Balls will vanish so be sure to call bingo before then!



Monthly Updates


New Auro Shop Sales

Featured costumes: 



New Jellybean Rewards



Hats of Summer revamp continues!


Additional Notes

  • Auro shop and Jellybean exchanger have been updated.
  • Christmas has been added to Prontera.
  • NPCs have been moved because of Christmas in Prontera.
  • Quest log upgrade to clarify objectives.
  • Dragon’s Pride has been changed to +6 to Str, Vit, Dex.
  • Wings of Perseverance has been changed to +6  to Int, Agi, Luk.
  • Horns of Arrogance has been changed to +6 to Dex, Agi, Luk.
  • Dark Knight’s Sorrow has been changed to +6 to Str, Int, Vit.
    (all of these replace the previous +5 to all stats)
  • Rainmaker pipe has been changed to 3% resistance against magic attacks.
  • Bazooka Bubble gum has been changed to 3% resistance to physical attacks.
  • Lucky clover has been changed to LUK +1, MaxSP +20.


To follow updates, you can also always refer to the server changelog.

How are we doing? Review us at RateMyServer.Net!
Don't forget to PATCH!
If something still isn't working correctly, please submit a bug report.


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You mentioned that the special item tickets can be turned in to the cat on the event map.. but I keep being told by said cat that I do not have enough Kafra points. I've used the cat before with no issues, but not it seems to want something more. What is the procedure for turning in the special tickets to the cat now?

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I've stated this several times over the past few months. Npcs that use custom items for a shop, do not have a custom message, they pull it straight from the kafra points message set (this we cannot change) 




So first thing to note here is that when ever we use any of these sort of shops we'll have the npc tell you the item, somewhere in the dialogue. If you didn't catch it, the currency that is being used will still be calculated at the displayed down by the points at the bottom.




After dragging an item into the buying items window, it will calculate the amount of "points" (or currency of choice) you will need, hitting buy will bring up the message "Do you you want to purchase this item? # points will be deducted from your total Kafra Credit Points" <- This term Kafra Credits is from the good old days of RO when you had to buy Kafra points from the website, or ad credits. This is not changeable, since it's client side. It would be nice if it took the currency item id's name and changed it over to "Special Xmas Item Ticket"  but that is not is a pipe dream at this point since the client.exe would need to be modified, as well as the server source code, and I have very little idea on where to start on the hexing for such a change. 



In the event you do not have enough points (or custom item currency) that message appears.  "You do not have enough Kafra Credit points" again I cannot change this message easily. So roll with it. 


In Nekorace's he won't even bring up the store in the occurrence you don't even have a single Special Xmas Item Ticket so what you are describing to me sounds like your trying to get more items then you should, or trying to purchase items that are out of your price range. If you do have said items, then put the number into the "use Auro: [     ] Cash" field. Which again, is set based on things that I cannot change for npcs, it grabs it from the Auro/cash store naming messages. 



I hope that answers your question.

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