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So you bought an xmas box or got a Lotto ball 
Your name here is your bingo card. To find out what your card is. Just click the link and put your name in the "get card"



So after you get your card you going to need lotto balls, 

Lotto balls are found in the xmas boxes, (they come in alongside the normal item)


So how will this work


you call bingo here when you have the proper balls on your character (mention which ingame character) 

I'll verify, you will get a prize based on the configuration you successfully made (you can only claim and after a claim you are done)




Column 1 (J): 2 old blue boxes   Claimed by ani_thing

Column 2 (E): 2 gift box

Column 3 (LL): Old card album
Column 4 (Y): 2 Old purple boxes


Row 1: 5 Dungeon teleport scrolls

Row 2: Christmas Costume Box
Row 3: 25 bloody branches      Claimed by Tukang

Row 4: Mystical card Album     Claimed by puff nuggz


Diagonal Top Left to bottom right:    SQI Card Album  Claimed by Dareous

Diagonal Bottom Left to Upper right: JellyRO card Album   Claimed by   LinchLord


FULL Bingo: 50 credits    Claimed by Kuto


and remember you can only claim bingo once for a single reward that wasn't claimed before most of you will probably go for the full bingo I wouldn't blame you. Just be sure to call bingo when your valid. :D


Best of Luck to you all,

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