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Springtime Sakura

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Kon'nichiwa, Jellybeans!

Spring is finally here! It's a time to celebrate new life and rejuvenation as nature bursts into bloom.


Sakura Wars

Just off the coast of Amatsu, Kin Island has suddenly come under attack by hordes of monsters controlled by a mysterious enemy. Amatsu's army is fighting back, but it looks like they could use some help. To get started, talk to Miko (/navi amatsu 287/206). There are a few quests to complete, but the rewards are something quite rare... particularly the Sakura Promise [1] and Sakura Card

Word to the wise: Be mindful of your responses and actions during these quests.


ATTENTION: We ran into a terrible issue with the event maps that we weren't able to fix during this maintenance. Apologies if the maps are difficult or nearly impossible to navigate. To make up for this, teleporting on these maps is temporarily allowed until we come up with a fix.


Castle Rotation

Its the end of the 3rd month, so the castles have rotated once more. The emperium has spawned monster minions to test those brave enough to claim it as its master. The warp clips have been modified. The following castles have been selected.


WoE TE : Friday @ 8 pm

Gloria 1 (Gaebolg)


Regular WoE : Saturday @ 8 pm

Geffen 2 (Eeyorbriggar)
Rachel 4 (Gefn)


WoE NT : Sunday @ 8 am

Aldebaran 3 (Nuernberg)



Monthly Updates

  • New Auro shop sales
  • New Jellybean Rewards
  • JellyBlob has been updated to match the new changes.

Auro Shop Highlights:


Jellybean Rewards:



Eclipse egg actually contains the bunny on the right. Finnian not included!


Event content will disappear on June 3, 2018!

Additional Notes:

  • St. Patrick day event and items were removed
  • Several items have been fixed
  • Payon field 01 edges were fixed to prevent walking among the void
  • Prontera is now Spring theme with Sakura trees
  • Soul Linked Super Novices should now be able to equip weapons as detailed in skill
  • Auto casting limit was adjusted to help reduce server lag


To follow updates, you can also always refer to the server changelog.

How are we doing? Review us at RateMyServer.Net!
Don't forget to patch, patch, PATCH!
If something still isn't working correctly, please submit a bug report.

Speaking of bugs! A shout out to these helpful bug reporters: MarshVB, Yagare, LinchLord, Shiroe, Susan, Rabin_Uman , Nerv , The members of se7en deadly sins Guild /thx


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for those wondering why this maintenance took even longer than expected. 

Kin Islands was not behaving.

This is what it's suppose to look like with the green walk-able spots, and the red  not walk-able.



It's part of the Sakura event, Feel free to use this as a guide :/ if it helps, because this is literally what we see, and for some reason unbeknownst to me it doesn't, so that's a thing. I'll probably use a different map in the coming up week and move all the ncp's but until then, here is a challenge. O.o I honestly don't expect any of you guys to navigate the invisible maze, that is so clear even we can't see it. 



side note I'll move the npcs and warps in prontera in a more acceptable place more likely later this week. 
Sorry for the inconveniences, but everything I had planned for didn't snag, so we have that.


Interviews will be later this week as well.  The Kathis is so very tired. . .

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Jellybean vendor has Eclipse Egg, but in announcement it shows Spring Rabbit


as a side note, after some limited testing the autospells appear to be working better

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I got some Sakura Petals but after a while I could not pick up any of them for instance none of the yellow ones. Should it be so?

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look at the hands part of the map. there are more sakura petals. like top right and bottom right part of the map with red and yellow sakura petals.

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I saw them but I could not get. They seem to be locked or maybe they have a time limit. I get the announce like "There is a Yellow Sakura Petal lying" or something but cannot get it.


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Hi @Kathis, check out this bug. Gettins the quest from the sailor, to deliver the letter to his cousin Fiona. It seems talking to npc Fiona gets you hung with the dialogue / conversation.

I got a replay. Check this 

Fiona Letter Bug.rrf

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Hey guys, post all bugs about sakura quest in here please

  ^- I'll be watching this 

also I made a script and had overwritten the maps walk able states to all walk able, so that's a thing I didn't think in panic, stress, and sleep deprived ^^;

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