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I've had it with these money-filching snakes...

Can you believe it's March already? That means St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner (on the 17th to be exact) so it's time to wear some green, raise a glass, dance a jig, or just wish for good luck. You also might want to keep an eye out for leprechauns...

If you happen to see one somewhere in the vicinity of prt_fild05 170 286, I'm willing to bet O'Riley the Leprechaun is back and needing your help as usual. Help him get his treasure back and he will generously repay you in Green Ale! Good luck and -- Yikes! Where did these snakes come from?!




Get your green on!

The Auro Shop and Jellybean Exchange rewards this month will help you get into the St. Patrick's Day spirit!

18565.png19713.png20192.png              19523.png20078.png31066.png



Monthly Updates

  • New Auro shop sales
  • New Jellybean Rewards
  • JellyBlob has been updated to match the new changes.

Event content will disappear on April 1, 2018!

Additional Notes:

  • Thor_v03 map has been fixed, Ifrit shouldn't teleport off the map
  • Bubblegum from the Roulette has been fixed.
  • Level 99 experience has been raised from 99,999,998 to 99,999,999
  • Snapper has been added as a fish-able fish.
  • The snowball event has come to an end.

To follow updates, you can also always refer to the server changelog.

How are we doing? Review us at RateMyServer.Net!
Don't forget to patch, patch, PATCH!
If something still isn't working correctly, please submit a bug report.

Speaking of bugs! A shout out to these helpful bug reporters: Deedee, Eric Afreeca, LinchLord, Shiroe, Susan, Rabin_Uman /thx

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Note: The coins (and anything else with "March 18, 2018") have the wrong "vanishing date"  They will vanish with the rest of the Leprechaun's magic on April 1st.

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Awww, thank you Kathis! Happy to help!


P.S. Someone around here knows their Irish, judging on the name of this event!

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