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Puppy Jelly Love

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Hello Jellybeans! This month we have a few special things going on. 

It's Lunar New Year and Valentines! Can't you feel the puppy love?


Year of the Dog


A merchant (/navi prontera 142/180) from a far off land, has come to Rune-Midgard, and is feeling uncomfortable due to there not being many dogs. Show him there are plenty of puppies and dogs in the world and he will open his shop to more rarer items, and if you go above and beyond he may even lower his prices. The catch is this is a Forum event, and he only accepts well-dried bones and skeleton bones. Take your screenshots and post to Wolfe's Album thread in the Events board. For every 2 screenshots a code will be posted. Tell the merchant this code and it will unlock for the entire server. 


Valentine Chocolate 


A classic event with a new twist has been re-enabled this year. Stephen and Jainie (/navi alberta 29/243) have returned to Alberta to sell home made chocolate at 5K each. She can only make them so fast though so for every 30 minutes more stock will be added. Ah, but there is more!


Charles' twin brother Carl (/navi prt_castle 39/34) is back and will make cakes out of 3 chocolates. These cakes are special and have been modified for the duration of this event. Remember they follow an Asian theme: the brown chocolate cakes are to be given to the boys, where as the white chocolate cakes are to be given to the girls. Regardless of who eats them, they will recover HP and SP, but try eating them while married and with your spouse on for something special. 


Okolnir Exchange


With the castles changing and treasure chests not always working in the favor of Okolnir, a new exchange merchant (/navi prontera 123/199) has opened up shop in Prontera. He will take 5 of any chest rewards that are used for Okolnir (Hero remains, Andvari's Ring, Hazy starlight, etc.) and will allow you to exchange it for a Brynhild Box or an Asprika Box. These boxes will give you a random Okolnir reward. Beats having to wait 3 months hoping the castle that would have the drop you need is selected.


Monthly Updates

  • New Auro shop sales
  • New Jellybean Rewards (Costumes pictured to the right)
  • JellyBlob has been updated to match the new changes, as well as added 2 new items. 



Other Changes

  • Giant Fly wings have replaced the final tier of Roulette's coin reward
  • A new custom Kaho has been added
  • A new custom Valkyrie Helm has been added
  • The content under the pink headers will be around until March 4th. Until then, happy gaming!



How are we doing? Review us at RateMyServer.Net!
Don't forget to patch, patch, PATCH!
If something still isn't working correctly, please submit a bug report.

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A Kathis: Behind the Curtain

Don't be fooled by the "Use Auro: [ # ] Cash" in the shops


I wanted to do a Dev blog for those interested for some time, but never could figure out how I wanted to do it.


If you can't tell my Dev theme was the npc trader manipulation, for these npcs.

The Use Auro in the "Buying items" window

That's simply a limitation. You'll notice at the bottom of the "Shop Items" window it talks about your Auro and Points, you want to look at your points value.

That number is the current amount you have, (depending on which npc.)  

Carl, Wolfe, and David use items for their point value. (Carl looks at chocolate, Wolfe Bones, and David the various Ingredients for Okolnir )


I've done something similar with these shops during Fishing and Kafra reward in those cases they look at a player variable.


Stephen was the most interesting for me, since his shop is suppose to not only have a limited supply, but add more every so often. Most examples provided were just refill to a value.


Wolfe is also interesting because his stock is depending on a variable value, and not time, and I added a GM override if something goes amiss, it was fun watching stock change in real time, since most of the shops are predetermine upon start up.


I think most of these scrip commands were used before there was a valid "Kafra shop" in our case ours is the "Auro shop"


Anyway if your interested in these feel free to comment, let me know. I used a spoiler tag so that those that don't want to ruin the 'magic' of the game, are safe.



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