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Ding Dong the witch is Dead

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It's a Christmas miracle 


Hello Jellybeans, so you probably can noticed that when you logged in you didn't have the Gepard Shield icon pop up, so what does this mean!? Well it means we removed it. 


So what does that mean for the server you might be asking, does that mean we don't care about cheating? No of course we still do, that would be silly if we didn't but Gepard and windows were simply at odds, that it scared a bunch of people. It also had it's own problems. It does mean however that a lot of things we took for granted won't work anymore. I could go into details.


So In short, we no longer have a means of checking if you and someone with the IP are using a different machine, banning a machine oppose to an IP is no longer possible, but hey it also means you guys can play on VM's again and it opens some doors again for us as well.


As for the assets that were being protected by Gepard are now moved to another file so they can be loaded, that's why the patch was big. We request that do not modify your .grf's. Lets try to have a fair game everyone ^^



How are we doing? Review us at RateMyServer.Net!
Don't forget to patch, patch, PATCH!
If something still isn't working correctly, please submit a bug report.


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I do not have a mac, so I will not be much help in this regard.
As for the new patch, probably not. (since the patch to make this work is already out.)
I was planning on make a new full installer during the new year at some point, but I may have to do that sooner.




I don't know, but at this point it doesn't really mater, seeing how we no longer have Gepard. 


@Poke a Man
registered ID:   Username was typed incorrectly
Incorrect User ID: or Password :  The username exists, but the password is incorrect.  Check the name you are typing is correct.

As for everyone else, who may be having issues, If you are still having problems send them to Tech support thread, with spec details 
Kinda like how Suaver did, but in a bit more details. If you have error messages list the,, like how poke a man did. Pm-ing me and saying "It's broken I can't play" isn't very helpful ._. 

If you had modified the files before, then try a full install, and patch up. 

On that note, I too have had issues with the client opening up that several attempts would finally allow me to launch. I don't know why. But if you are not getting error message, or it's simply not launching just try double clicking the icon a bit, that works for me /hmm  but I had this issue with Gepard, and before Gepard as well, so I believe this may be a Kathis' computer problem.

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