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Night of the Living Jelly (Part 1)

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Hello Jellybeans! Summer's over and here comes Autumn! Which means? Halloween is just around the corner!

Here's a brief announcement about the recent maintenance. We know the maintenance was supposed to take place on October 1, 2017, however, due to some technical difficulties, there was a minor delay and we sincerely apologize. Part of the delay was due to a reshuffling of staff duties after GM Dulcet recently resigned. He will be missed, but the show must go on!


The Pumpkin Festival has arrived!

Read below for more information and how to participate.


  • Earn Pumpkin Festival Certificates by participating in some of these mini-games! Check our Wiki Page for more detailed information.
    • Mischievous Ghosts: Every so often, Mysterious Pumpkins will appear in the towns of Payon, Aldebaran, and Yuno.
    • Pumpkin Harvest: Talk to the Pumpkin Recruiter in Geffen [/navi geffen 129/70].
    • Trick or Treat is available in five towns: Izlude, Rachel, Geffen, Alberta, and Niflheim. Trick or treating is limited to 10 times each day per character.
  • In Alberta, you will find Hermann, the Happy Skeleton [/navi alberta 118/70]. He distributes the Pumpkin Festival Rewards in exchange for Pumpkin Festival Certificates. Visit him to see what he offers!
  • Monsters will sometimes drop Edible Pumpkin or Raw Dough which can be used as ingredient to create a Powerful Pumpkin Pie that boosts your stats for a short while. You can earn one Pumpkin Festival Certificate each day for creating pumpkin pies. See Casper the Traveling Cook [/navi alberta 114/71] for more info.
  • Chaotic Niflheim: Watch out for vengeful spirits!
  • Old Cobby's Spirit: Find the great pumpkin trolling the field south of Prontera.



Event content will disappear on November 5, 2017!


Removed summer content and a few other updates are listed below.

  • The rewards from GM Jellybean Exchange NPC Chow Fan in Hugel [/navi hugel 116/163] have been changed.
  • The Auro Shop sale items have been changed. Summer Crate, Summer Pack, and all summer headgears have been removed from the shop.
  • Promo Packs are no longer available and the application form has been disabled. (If you recently submitted an application, it's still being processed.)
  • Flanring in Prontera has been removed.
  • Volleyball has been disabled until next summer.
  • Summer-suit items will no longer drop from monsters and the Tailor Jessica NPC has been removed.
  • WoE Castles have been changed respectively.
    • Trans: Aldebaran 2

    • Trans 2.0: Rachel 3

    • Non Trans: Geffen 1

    • TE: Gloria 3

  • Izlude map has been fixed.
  • Female GM Sprite was updated
  • Izlude, Geffen, Rachel, Alberta, Prontera got a background music change to help you get into the festive spirit.


To follow updates, you can also always refer to the server changelog.

How are we doing? Review us at RateMyServer.Net!
Don't forget to patch, patch, PATCH!
If something still isn't working correctly, please submit a bug report.

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@Rabin Uman The main reason why the characters were moved back to their save spots is a precaution when changing maps. For example Prontera has different Map data, which includes different walking areas as well as npc placement for each of it's different seasonal stages. By restoring the characters to their save spots, it helps prevent errors where characters are stuck in buildings, in a place they shouldn't be. This time around we changed Prontera as well as fixed Izlude a bit. 


As for the Image above, There is nothing wrong from what I am seeing form the script this is working as intended. 

About 90% of the mysterious pumpkins are normal. The remainder are ghosts.

Unless of course I missed the entire point of what is wrong...

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Ya I kinda derp on that, been a long day.

Obvious question, did you patch? If so did you have any errors while patching. 

If not then we'll have to figure out if this is a local error (ie just one client) or if others are having the same issue. 

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I patch every day, my first log in is through the patcher and today was no exception.  I do not patch again the same day, unless DC'ed or rebooted

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I have 100 tickets and want to choose Hell Poodle pet... but am told I don't have enough tickets.

Hell poodle.jpg

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@Fujoshi I found what the problem is. Quite simple. It will be fixed very soon!

You should be able to get Hell Poodle for the correct number of Certificates now. You'd have been really confused if you tried to get Jack the Castle Bat... but it's all fixed! /swt2


Edited by Finnian

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On 3/10/2017 at 4:26 PM, Rabin_Uman said:

There is something wrong with t he "special monsters"


Error Message.PNG

Just made a patch for this, let us know if the issue persist.

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One of my characters (had 5 active accounts) was kicked out, with this error message.   I logged of the other accounts, patched and got the message again logging in.  Can't log in now59d6bd0b81f90_GepardError.PNG.efa1f327aadb46177e75ca5ae8147b14.PNG 




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10 hours ago, Rabin_Uman said:

Following Aeryn's advice, downloaded and extracted gepard,zip to JellyRO folder, now everything is running as it should

I extract those gepard.zip to jellyro folder and run it. but the problem occur Error ID:21  . any other solution?

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