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Patcher Fix

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I'd like to thank everyone for being patient with us while the control panel, forum and other web services were down during our webserver migration. The migration is nearly complete, but we need to point the patcher to our new game host so that it can download patches. Unfortunately, the patcher cannot patch its own files so we are providing the following options. Just because you may see announcements load in the patcher window does not mean the patcher is connected to our new game host, EVERYONE will need to download one of the two following links.


For those of you who don't want to redownload the entire game, you can download the patch fix installer:


NOTE: Must be installed to your JellyRO folder! C:\Games\JellyRO by default.


For those that would rather start from scratch, or have tried the patcher fix above and are unable to patch, you may download the full installer with this patch already built-in here:

Installer: http://www.jellyro.com/downloads/jROFull090717.exe

Torrent: http://www.jellyro.com/downloads/jROFull090717.torrent


Please let me know of any issues. We have re-implemented Gepard Shield and you will not be able to logon unless you install this fix.

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1 hour ago, Deedee said:

Hi, I've already patched, even reinstalled the game three times (the new file) and still can't play, what can I do about it?


You need to download the gepard zip file and extract it to the JellyRO folder. A few other people have run into the same issue and that should fix it



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